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How Much Does an App Like Airbnb Cost?


How Much Does an App Like Airbnb Cost?

Do you like traveling? I think you do. Throughout the whole history of humanity, that was one of the main ways of understanding the world and those people who live there. Thanks to the industrial and technological progress we now have an opportunity to travel in much more easier and faster way. Moreover, not only the invention of a plane, train and other means of transport. One of the greatest contributions to the world of trading has been made by the idea of the creation of the Internet and even mobile applications. To be honest, it might be sometimes pretty complicated to over-evaluate the importance of those achievements, which have been made by the programmers, who came up with an idea, that your smartphone may become a pretty nice tool, which could help you in a trip. Thus, thanks to to the usage of the Internet you can look for the places to visit or stay, book a ticket and find the most appropriate way of traveling.

One of the brightest inventions, which have ever been made by the developers might be so-called Airbnb app; action, which became a new word in the world of traveling. The main function of that particular application is assisting you while looking for the place to live during your vacation. However, it has some differences from those ordinary websites and extensions, which give the user an opportunity to find a cheap or an expensive hotel. These features actually made Airbnb so popular among the users almost all over the world. Because of that, lost of the beginning developers are now looking for the best ways to make an app like Airbnb. However, they still have lots of questions to ask. And one of the most important ones is the issue of the price of the creation of an app similar to the highlighted one. Thus, in that article, we're going to examine essential aspects, which influence the Airbnb app development cost.

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Have you ever heard about Couchsurfing?

I believe, that in order to understand the entire idea of an app like Airbnb, it will be vital to examine the main concept of that extension. Namely, it is Couchsurfing. That is one of the most popular and might be one of the latest ways for travelers to get shelter during their trip.However, even today, not all of the people know, what it actually is.

Create Airbnb like App

Making a long story short, Couchsurfing means allowing a random person to stay at your place for some time. Of course, such an opportunity is not free, but sometimes it is much cheaper, than a hotel. For instance, let us imagine, that you are willing to go to Auckland, to New Zealand. That is the largest city in the country, prestigious and expensive business and political center. So, prices there, even in budget hotels might be pretty high. Thus, you can use Airbnb and find a place to stay for approximately $70 per 5 days of stay. Sounds good, isn’t it? That is how Couchsurfing actually works. However, we might go a bit deeper into the structure of the app. It is so, because sometimes in order to create a good Airbnb clone or actually, a clone of any possible application. You have to understand, how the prototype works and according to which technologies it was created. So, let us move on and see, what is Airbnb from the inside.

What is Airbnb and how it works?

Airbnb is a company, which was created in 2006 in the USA in the city of San-Francisco by two programming developers, who were interested in the creation of something new and useful for common people. But, as usual, they have been also thinking about the tool to become popular and successful. These people were Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia. The original name of the company actually was AirBed&Breakfast. As you may have already understood, the main concept of the application is to allow the users to look for those people, who might be able to provide them with a needed space for living for some time.

The usage of Airbnb allows you to find any place you are willing to pretty easily. The website was created in such a manner, that it is possible for the owners to post any possible suggestions on the platform. Because of it, thanks to the searching engine, you may be able to find any possible accommodation. Of course, small rooms and flats are available there, but you can also find a big villa for you and your friend, a treehouse, a farmhouse and even an island. Yes, it is not a myth. However, the most popular option there are boathouses. So, if you have always been dreaming about spending a vacation in some unusual conditions, swimming house maybe what you really need. Thus, we may say, that Airbnb is almost a bottomless mine for any, even the most sophisticated and demanding traveler, who is looking for a perfect place.

Let us be honest, there are several advantages of the usage of such a type of traveling. First of all, you can get familiar with the life of the native people, who have been living in that particular state or city for several years. Thus, you are able to see, their usual day, habits, special traditions, and even simple cultural foundations. Besides, you are able to look for new friends and just learn how to understand people better just with the use of every day talking to them. Maybe, that is one of the greatest ways of traveling if you are a dreaming writer, who is willing to write a book about a certain state, which can be actually and possible one, from Hungary to Indonesia.

Let us just let the fantasy for a while and get a bit closer to the technological part of the question. To be honest, the developers were looking forward to creating an application, which will be based on three main pillars. They are Security, User support and Convenience of the usage of an application. First of all, the programmers decided to arrange the best way of protection of the users, their money, and even lives. It is so, due to the fact, that in case if we are going to create such a liberal system of services, there is a great opportunity, that not the best people are going to come to the houses of other and do what they actually want. Due to this, the founders of an idea decided to make it as preserved as only possible. Thus, all the profiles come through the line of examinations in order to get an improvement of safety for the users, what means, that the person is real and those offers, which he or she presents are actually what they are. Thanks to that, the risks are decreasing pretty rapidly.

services like airbnb

Another important thing to which the company developers decided to pay attention as well as a proper CRM system or, as lots of people call it, the system of the customer support. First of all, the programmers came up with an idea, that sometimes, when people start to use something, they may have questions and problems. That is why, it was vital to create a proper support service, which will allow the users to be in touch with the agents any time and any day. Furthermore, it is obvious, that sometimes, there are emergency cases, which can happen, so a company client can contact those, who can help him in a fast and simple manner.

Finally, the last thing, which was important for the developers is the arrangement of a simple and clear platform, which will make the searching process for the users fast and elementary. That is why, in UX designing concept of the website, they decided to use the most simple and the clearest shapes and forms, which will allow you to understand all the elements intuitively. By the way, the same is with colors. In order to prevent the creation of too bright and flashy design, it was decided to use only several main colors, while arranging the design.

So, that might all of those aspects, which make Airbnb so popular. For example, nowadays, the audience of an application already equals 150 million users, while the popularity of an extension has grown in 80% percents between 2015 and 2016. Finally, the company became absolutely international. Today, Airbnb supports up to 26 languages and offers the services in almost any possible spot in the world. So, believe, that in order to build an Airbnb mobile app or something related to that, the best decision, which you can make is just to follow the steps of those, who have already made that great journey.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Airbnb?

Nice. After examining the main aspect and elements of such a thing as Airbnb application, we have to go straight to the main topic of that article, to the pricing issue. While talking on the app like Airbnb cost we have to keep in mind, that there are different factors, which influence the numbers. First of all, the cost to create an app similar to Airbnb may depend on such things as: 

  • Functionality of the app; 
  • Design of the app; 
  • Place, where you are looking for the developers; 
  • In-app purchases and many many other special features, which are going to be included in the application.

Firstly, I am willing to say, that the creation of an app like that may cost absolutely various amounts of money. For instance, from something close to $6000 to almost $100.000. So, the programming process depends on lost of various factors. However, there are different tools on how to save your money and how to get the best outcomes.

First of all, if you're willing to create a good application for the users you have to keep in mind, that one of the most important parts of that long and complicated process is the search of a good team of the developers. In order to find those people who will be able to do their job on the proper level while asking for adequate prices, you have to show that you are not an amateur even in case if it is so. Thus, you must have a good and detailed plan of actions, which you are going to show to the developers and all the members of your future team. In that plan, you are obliged to explain all the important details, all the needed elements and aspects of any possible kind, while trying to vanish all the misunderstanding as much as only possible.

websites similar to airbnb

The second step is the examination of the potential programmers. In case if you have a pretty big project, the wisest decision might be to look for a developing company and do not pick the programmers and the designers from the freelancers. That is so because of the fact, that you will probably face lots of problems while managing their work. Moreover, try to give a sort of a test to the future programmers in order to see, what they actually can to do and what are their abilities.

Then, you have to look for those features, which you are really willing to include in the application. In order to do that in a proper way, you have to see, what would you like to improve in the already existing similar applications, which features, would you like to add in case if you were a developer and an owner of one or another popular and famous application. So, pick several operations from the giant list of possibilities in order to make an app really special. Finally, you have to think of a place, where are you willing to outsource the development process. Of course, in case if you have pretty good investors you may choose Canada or the USA or actually anything you want. However, the development there is pretty expensive. For instance, if you would like to know how much does an app like Airbnb cost there, I will tell you. An hour of coding may equal up to $150. But there are also other places, such as India or Indonesia, where an hour of closing costs much lower and may be approximately $35 or $40. So, that is obvious, which option here is much more bargaining for the developer and which is not. However, lots of the beginners may think, that despite the fact, that the price in India or Indonesia is pretty low, they may be able to get a really good quality of the services. But, that is not true. The reality, to be honest, is much more violent and harsh. Thus, you may easily face the problems of cyberpiracy, data stealing, and hacking. That highly disturbing problem makes people believe, that they may find other options while being led by the desire for security. So, Artjoker here might become a pretty good idea. We offer not only friendly prices but also a high level of data security and professionalism of our programmers.


Taking everything into consideration, we may say, that the creation of an application is not the easiest, fastest and the cheapest project, However, in case if it was arranged in a proper way, in the future, you might get really nice outcomes. So, we have also to mention, that while arranging such a great process, it is highly important to keep in mind, that deep analysis and examination of all of the aspects and features, future decisions and thoughts have to be done in the most precise and detailed manner if you are willing to spend your money wisely. In the very end, I am willing just to wish you all the best in your future project, success and a great desire of work and progress.

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