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How to Create a Brand Name for Startup or Business?


How to Create a Brand Name for Startup or Business?

Inventing a proper name for your business or startup can become one of the most challenging tasks, especially, if you do it the first time. In the beginning, it might seem that choosing a name for a business is a funny and interesting way to spend time. You and your team discuss the future name of your business for a few hours. Everyone gives at least a dozen of good ideas, and in the end, all you need to do is to choose the name that sounds the best.

That is how many people imagine the process of choosing a name for business unless they try to create a company name themselves. The reality shows that choosing a proper name may take days or even weeks and still none of the offered ideas will be able to satisfy your expectations. Half of the ideas does not sound catchy enough, while the rest are too simple or have already been used by other businesses. If you feel like you are out of good ideas, maybe you should follow one of the tips below that will help you get off the ground.

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Four Tips That Will Help You to Create A Company Name

1Keep it simple

Try to avoid the hard spelling names. The complex name only confuses clients and makes them constantly forget your brand or misspell it. The best rule for the brand name is - the simpler, the better. For example, Apple is one of the simplest brand names that one could ever create but still, it works well.

2Think for tomorrow

When you pick a creative business name, keep in mind that your business may adopt some significant changes in the future and the current name will not be proper any longer. For example, Amazon started as an online bookselling store but today you can buy almost everything there. If they chose a brand name like “Online Book Store”, they would have certain difficulties when they decided to expand their business. So, do not choose a name which would limit the potential horizons of your business, think about opportunities that you may have in the future.

3Catchy or meaningful

In general, all brand names can be divided into two large groups. One group stands for names that describe the main business idea, the other group is the names that have no underlying meaning but they sound catchy enough that the clients can easily remember them. Indeed, the best solution is when your brand name is both catchy and meaningful but let us be honest, it is a really tough task and only few can cope with it. So, if you cannot make a name with a good idea, maybe you should turn to another strategy and think about some catchy words. And vice versa, if a catchy name is a challenge for you, try to make it simple but with a certain message that you want to deliver to your clients.

4Get feedback

Once you come up with your business name ideas list, you need to decide, which one is the best. You cannot do it alone, and that is why you should enlist the help of your friends, family, colleagues, and even your target audience. In other words, you need to test your brand names to see what people think about them and which one they would like to see as your business name. The result may really surprise you when you find out the name you thought was the worst is liked more than others by your peers and audience. The final decision is always up to you but it is better to listen to the opinion of others.

how to choose a business name

Creating Business Name: When Brainstorming Does Not Work

Sometimes you may face a situation when after a few attempts you start realizing that you still have not the foggiest on how to find a new brand name for a startup or business. You spend hours and cannot make even one word-combination that at least slightly refers to your business. If this case is what you have right now, maybe you need to try name generators to your startup or business. How does it work? Very simple, you need to enter a word or a couple of words that describe your business the best and see the result. There is a great variety of name generators but let us review only those having some unique features. Here is the list of the top business name generators that can be helpful when you need to come up with a brand name.


Panabee is more than an average business name generator. The idea was to create a brand name generator which included a collection of word generators. One of the best features here is that you can immediately see whether the offered name has already been employed by someone. Hence, there is no need to do research to find whether your new name is available. You can also check the alternatives if the generated name is used already.

2Fresh Books

What is good in this name generator is an option to choose the industry. Indeed, it makes the offered names more suitable to the business’s goals. Additionally, it has a very user-friendly and attractive design, so you will not mistake this website for any other.

3Hipster Business Name Generator

This name generator is designed specifically for novices. Here you do not need to enter anything as the Hipster Business Name Generator provides random names. This website can be useful to see how the process of name generation occurs. Maybe one of the offered names will give a required push and you could finally understand what brand name you want and how to create company name.


This service provides the extended options to generate a name. Here you can enter a keyword, a syllable, letters, and even the position of the word you entered in a received word combination. At first glance, this website may seem a bit difficult but it offers wide opportunities for your business ideas.

5Frozen Lemons

This website provides a more serious approach because your brand name will not be generated by the algorithm but by a team of professionals. At Frozen Lemons, they promise to create a brand new name for your business within 24 hours. You just need to fill the form, include all the possible options and wait for a day. This method is probably better than any other because you will not get a hundred of word combinations which are only slightly different from each other. On the contrary, you will get the creative business name ideas and each of them will be a good solution for your issue.

how to come up with a business name

Creative Business Name: the Bottom Line

Creating business name might be a challenge. This process requires knowledge, experience, and a certain level of creativeness. Besides, it is also good to keep in mind some basic principles of creating a good brand name which were mentioned above. Some of them you may have already kept in mind, while others can significantly reduce your time on making up a proper name. Anyway, these tips will help you to organize your brainstorm activity better.

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If you lack any fresh ideas or you do not know where to begin, you can use a brand name generator. These websites do not guarantee that you will find the best name but at least they will give a certain idea or direct you in a right way. Anyway, you can apply to professionals who have already plenty of experience in this field and know how to create a business name. Their assistance will help you find a proper solution.

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