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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

How to Create an App Like Vine?

Vine video app is one of the most popular and widely known extensions available for the users all over the world. Throughout its pretty long history, Vine has been one of the most influential and important applications, which have been playing an essential role in the world of IT sphere, web business and media. Thanks to the popularity of the vine editing app lost the beginning and experienced developers became interested in the development of a video sharing app like Vine. However, pretty frequently the developers and programmers, who are beginning their pretty complicated way towards a success, while trying to make their app like vine successful. That is why we decided to write that article while describing the essential tips, which may allow you to make your own vine app while spending as less money as possible in the most efficient manner.

The description of the developmental process it might be better to start with a story of vine mobile application. Vine application was developed in 2012 and bought by Twitter in the same year. However, for the audience, it was opened only in 2013. Frankly speaking, the Vine mobile app was a new word in the world of the development of applications. Previously the users have never seen something so unusual and surprising. Maybe, the emergence of a vine app can be compared to the birth of Facebook.

The main distinguishing feature of Vine was an opportunity for the users to create different really short videos (no longer than 6 seconds) and share them with their friends. Frankly speaking, the creation of the vine edit app became a field of the development of lots of those people, similar to the YouTube bloggers but with their own vine video ideas, which got enough popularity among the users in order to make their authors popular. So, in case if we successfully identified, what is a vine, maybe, it might be better to observe those special features, that made it possible such a great popularity of that application.

Which suite to follow while developing an App like Vine?

While trying to create video apps like a vine or any other clones, it is really vital to remember, that despite the fact, that plagiarism is bad, no one said, that the usage of some features, which made it possible to make their owners popular is prohibited as well. So, as for me, one of the most important things, which have to be done by those interested in the creation of the apps like Vine is a detailed examination of all of the possible elements of that application.

Steps to do developing a Vine

Thus, thanks to the analysis of the Vine application we are able to conclude, that there are several the most important elements, which act as a core for the development of an app and its popularity. Firstly, while thinking about how to create a vine-like app, take a look at the interface. In vine editor app it is arranged on a perfect level. Why so? The answer is simple because the key role was played by elementary shapes and great UX designing features, which make the whole design intuitive and easy to understand for the users, regardless their age and app usage experience. Secondly, in order to create your own app like Vine, keep in mind, that the most important role is played by an interesting idea and an opportunity of a developer to identify, what directly is going to attract people in that field and which feature it will be better to add to the video-making genre. Actually, that specialty helped to make a Vine app successful and widely known. Finally, a pretty important role in the creation of an app to make vines is played by a strong community. Even before the launch of a project building process, you have to remember, that the collection of a big community of fans around you and your application, will bring you that success and an opportunity to develop in the future. One of the worst mistakes, which could be made by the web designer, is the underestimation of the power of people from which depends on the fate of the video edit apps for the vine.

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Developing a Vine-like app. What to know and remember?

In order to create your own app like Vine, it is really important to remember about some really important rules, which are actually the key advises on how to develop an application similar to Vine and which may become a great foundation to make a vine app or any other type of extension. So, in that passage, I am willing to show you the most essential and the most important factors, which play the key role in the designing process.

First of all, in case if you face a question on how to create a Vine-like application, you have to keep in mind, that the identification of your particular audience is pretty important. For instance, the creators of Vine decided that their content will not depend on an audience and will be suitable for any person in the world. However, it is not always really good. That is why, in order to make the best vine video editor try to find out, which people are going to be those on which you are willing to orientate and believe, that they might become the dominating layer of the visitors of your website.

Then, keep in mind, that the creation of a full version early is a really bad idea. In order to make a video editing app for vine much cheaper, the best idea might be to start with an MVP. Why so? Simply because of the fact, that the very early version is always not perfect and sometimes even terrible. So, in order to make it works much better, you have to launch test. Testing is also a complicated process for which it is sometimes important to see the background technologies of an application, what might be pretty complicated to do in case if you present a full version of an application to the testers. Besides, due to the fact, that you spend much more money on testing, the cost to build an app like Vine will definitely grow. Moreover, there are several factors, which influence on a good MVP for a Vine mobile app for iOS or Android. First of all, a good MVP must be simple and balanced in order to avoid the emergence of more and more new errors. Secondly, try to make it simple and schematic. Lastly, arrange it in a way, which will give you an opportunity to launch quick but useful tests.

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develop a Vine mobile app

Finally, there is also another pretty important point for the development of an app for video editing for the vine. But, in that passage, I will examine two of them, not only one. The first point is the attention to the designing shapes, factors, and elements. Previously, we have already mentioned that the usage of an intuitive design is important but I am willing to repeat it. Besides, you have to look for a person, namely, UX designer, who will be possible to provide you with all of the top-notch services, which will allow you to make your website really great. Another point here is the fact, that for a successful creation of a video sharing app like Vine it might be important to implement such things as AI, VR and AR extensions, stickers and emoticons. It is so, due to the fact, that these days, that section is developing very rapidly, that is why the combination of their innovations with your idea might be beneficial for you.

What Are the Cost Features To Create An App Like Vine?

While talking about the cost to build an app like Vine, we have to remember, that the prose depends directly on the time spent on the developmental process. However, a huge role is also played by those people involved in the building process. In case if you want to build a Vine mobile app for Android or iOS, you have to have a team of at least seven people. In the crew you have to have:

  • Mobile developer;

  • Backend;

  • UI/UX developers;

  • QA Engineer;

  • Project Manager;

  • Testers.

However, that is not all. The time spent on the development is radically influenced by the platform chosen by a developer in order to build an application. In case if you choose iOS, you have to be ready, that it usually takes much more money than Android. Anyway, in case if you are developing an app for Android you are going to spend up to 380 hours, but in case if you are willing to be focused on iOS, you have to spend up to 420 hours.

cost to develop Vine app

In case if you are interested in how to make vines and applications for them, I am deeply convinced, that such a topic as finances bothers you a lot. Due to this, in that very passage, I am willing to explain you the most vital aspects, considering such an important thing as the price of app development. While thinking about the possible options of price calculations for app development, we have to keep in mind that lots of things depend on different circumstances. For instance, it is really common, that in the Western States, such as Canada, USA, and Australia, prices of app development seem to be much higher, than the prices of the same services in different states in the East, especially Asia. Thus, we can track that easily with the usage of a simple analysis. For example, an average price of an hour of closing in the USA usually equals $120; all the same, situation is in developed states in other parts of the world. However, in India, you can pay only $40 or even just $35 for an hour of work. Due to this, we may easily calculate the final price. So, in the USA, your application may cost approximately $50.000. However, in India, the final price is usually much lower. Anyway, you have to keep in mind, that in that region, while facing a low price, you have to be really careful, while choosing the developers, because of the fact, that they might be just usual swindlers. That is why you may look for something much more reliable but with the same price. Artjoker may be such a place, where you can find anything you need for all the same price, but the entire atmosphere is much safer. So, you may be able to arrange any deals and projects with our developers’ team without being afraid of cheating or a simple financial or cyber crimes.


All in all, in this very article we tried to explain how to use vine app and how to develop a similar one. As you can see the popularity of the development of the applications based on the usage of audio and video is growing rapidly, what seems to be a pretty perspective and fruitful field for further development. I strongly advise you not to miss that great opportunity.

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