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How to Develop a Website Using HTML and CSS?


How to Develop a Website Using HTML and CSS?

If you think that html website development is a really big deal and you need a big quantity of expensive software , then you are a bit mistaken,if you are thinking about creation of a simple website, you need nothing, but TextEdit or Notepad that are already installed on your computer by default or such text editors like Sublime Text or Dreamweaver, actually I personally use Sublime text when filling website pages of my company with content. Although you are right when thinking about developing a complex website with Javascript coding or other things that make your website differ from others with a great number of colorful and out-of-the-way elements. But before starting figuring out and get in depth of the development, let me explain the differences between this two languages (CSS and HTML), the syntax of each and some terminology. SO..

What are exactly HTML and CSS?

How to develop a website using html and css without being knowledgeable in these two languages? Html stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is used to create the webpage and the content it contains (images, writing, etc.). Css is a Cascading Style Sheets and is used to design the webpage and make images and writing be at certain places, have a particular style (fonts and size). These are two independent languages and should remain that way. HTML cannot be written inside of a CSS document and conversely.

Building an HTML website

HTML is like a Christmas tree trunk, a sound foundation and CSS is lights or decorations that are put on it.

1 From scratch

It is the hardest and longest way to develop your website. Besides, you will need a really good knowledge of HTML and CSS, each line of code have to be written manually by you. It will take you weeks complete your project, html5 website development is really time-consuming, monotonous and scrupulous work. So, be prepared for it. But to save your time it's better to use an HTML framework like bootstrap to speed up the whole process. However, there is one more option to avoid spending much time is to get a template.

using HTML and CSS

2 Using an HTML web template

Fasten your development and get it going as soon as possible. Get and use a ready website template. For this, you will surely need some level of knowledge of CSS and HTML to customize it for your needs, but it will save your time, and there will be no need to start up your development from the very beginning. A lot of template providers offer a responsive template that means for your web pages a correct displaying across all types of devices ( cell phones, tablets). As you may see all the queries like “how to develop a website using HTML template” are not in want of long explanations, everything is pretty easy. Don't forget to check the provider's terms of use and license before start using any free template. Some of them may be limited only for personal projects so you aren't able to use for commercial purpose.

3 Using a website builder tool

You are probably in a hurry if choosing this type of website development. This is the quickest way to build the website. It has become a common practice to use a software, not only because it saves your time but also because it is accessible and extremely easy for everyone to use. A website building tool doesn't require any knowledge of programming, with the help of its out-of-the-box features and “What you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor you can create a professional website in a couple of minutes. It is a kind of magic, isn't it?


I hope I answered you question “how to develop a website in HTML” and show you the ways of its development. The only thing left is your decision. It's up to you to decide what to choose. If you are a beginner in website development and badly want to learn HTML and CSS languages, you are welcome. In future, it will open a lot of profitable possibilities no matter you are going to work in a big or small company, or as a freelancer. As it said, “Knowledge is no burden”. But if you already have enough knowledge and simply want to save your time to spend it in future on something useful then website builders or templates at your disposal. Go ahead and good luck!

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