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How to Make a Recipe and Cooking App for Mobile?


How to Make a Recipe and Cooking App for Mobile?

Different people have different approaches towards cooking. Some prefer do it as fast as possible, having only one goal: to make something you can eat. Other enjoy the process as much (if not more) as the subsequent dining. One thing is certain – if an individual doesn’t have a personal chef and can’t afford eating out every day, they cook.

With the rising popularity of mobile devices, they are starting to seep into almost every corner of our life. And it is no wonder: different smartphone apps and the ability to access the Web instantly is a great help in a lot of tasks. Cooking is definitely one of them. According to research, more and more people aged between 25 and 34 are choosing to cook and eat their meals at home instead of going out for dinner, and over 59% of them use some sort of mobile applications for cooking. Cooking apps help people to find a perfect meal to make, to experiment with their approach towards cooking, or just to make it simpler.

build a cooking app

5 Tips On How To Build A Cooking App

If you have an interesting idea and you’re curious about cooking app development, don’t rush it. There are a lot of culinary applications out there right now, so, if you want your creation to stand out, here are a couple of tips that just might help you.

1Determine the features you’re going to include

There is a great number of features a cooking app might have. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Filtration of recipes by products used, their price, cooking time, complexity, calories etc.;

  • Social features – the ability to add comments, photos and videos, connecting and sharing with other users;

  • Meal planning;

  • Kitchen tools like the unit converter, timer etc.;

  • Video instructions.

Every feature needs specific development tools and resources, so you need to make the decision about including them before you start your recipe application development. You also need to take a look at other cooking apps and find out whether the functionalities of the culinary applications of your competitors are the same as yours. Make sure that your idea is viable and appealing.

2Find your target audience

The information about your target audience is one of the most important factors for app development. If you know it, you can tailor ads and content specifically for them, and you will have a much better chance of engagement. For example, if you create a recipe app for a specific group of people (vegans or meat lovers etc.), you know which products you can safely recommend to your users. Furthermore, if you know the location most of your audience lives in, you can offer them recipes of seasonal food popular in that specific place.

create a recipe app for cooking

3Give your users more freedom

If your customers will be able to tailor your app directly according to their needs and plans, you will definitely leave them satisfied. For example, if you’re making a simple recipe book app, make a mobile app for meal planning too. Sew them together, and your users will be able to set a reminder to use your app again when they need it. Or add the possibility of attaching notes to the recipe. This way your customers will be able to experiment with the ingredients and leave comments and reminders about the result of different changes they made.

Overall, remember that your job is to create a recipe app for cooking, and cooking is more of an art than science. It’s different for every person, and you won’t be able to satisfy everyone unless you open your app to customization.

4Try contacting professional chefs for consultation and marketing

People trust the opinion of a professional, no matter the industry. The food industry is not an exception – an opinion of a professional chef is very valuable. Of course, you don’t have to contact a star chef like Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver to ensure the popularity of your app, but at least try consulting a professional cook from your local restaurant. The consultation could include an approval of the recipes, a test of your app’s usability for a professional cook, or just a personal opinion about your product. Any mention will be a great tool for your app’s marketing campaign.

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5Update your content regularly

This point mostly concerns recipe apps. No matter how big your selection of recipes is, there will always be people who either won’t find anything suitable for them or run out of the recipes that interest them. So, in order to expand your audience and keep your current users engaged, you should keep adding recipes to your collection as often as you can. For example, you can add reimagined traditional holiday dishes during the holiday seasons, or the cuisine of a particular country during their national holidays. Have fun with it and your users will have fun too!

how to build a recipe app of your own

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Cooking App?

There are a lot of parameters that influence the amount of money you would need to spend to develop an app. In order to answer the question “How much does it cost to develop a cooking app?”, first you will need to answer a bunch of other questions, like:

  • How unique and complex the design of my cooking app should be to differ from the design of cooking apps made by my competitors?

  • Do I have enough experience to create such an app or should I hire professional help?

  • How much time do I have to complete this task?

  • Do I need to design this app for multiple platforms? (the answer for this one is usually yes)

  • Would I need to pay for the promotion of my application?

  • What are the specific features of app development in my country?

All in all, the hourly rate for app development can range from $10 to $250 dollars. A relatively simple mobile application takes about 600 work hours to make. Gather the information you need, find out the specifics and do the math. However, if your idea is unique enough and you think people need your app in their life, this investment will most likely be worth it.

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Final thoughts

Cooking apps are a great segment of the market. They simplify the everyday lives of many people, and their audience will only grow the more people will come to rely on mobile devices. Cooking is also much cheaper than buying something pre-made, so a cooking app you're making will probably help people to save some money.

Furthermore, culinary applications appeal to the creative side of most people. Your app could turn a boring daily activity into a fun, new experience. So, if you have a cool idea and you want to brighten up someone’s days, start developing right now!

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