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What are the Main Techniques for the Development of a Good Chatbot?


What are the Main Techniques for the Development of a Good Chatbot?

The development of various messengers is becoming more and more popular from a year to a year. However, messengers are not only really nice and fancy apps for conversations. They can also act as pretty good marketing tools for the creation of a good links with the customers. But the main technology for the establishment of a contact with the users is not an actual person but various chatbot messenger platforms. Such technologies and ideas are getting more and more popularity among the programmers all over the world. Besides, they are getting more and more popular in the communities of businessmen and web designers. Thus, lots of the beginning entrepreneurs, who are interested in the improvement of their companies, as well as those programmers aimed on the evolvement of their skills, found such an innovation pretty promising. Due to this, we are willing to enlighten the main strategies and tips of ChatBot app development, which may allow you to create something similar on your own.

What is chatbot?

Frankly speaking, despite of the fact, that lots of people tend to believe, that such a technology is an absolutely innovative idea, that is not true. The very first chatbot was developed several years ago in the USA. Of course, it was a pretty simple and primitive platform, which, of course was not one of the best artificial intelligence chatbot apps. Moreover, chatbot is not even an AI, what for some of the readers may be a disappointment. We are too far from the creation of a real AI, but we already have several examples of its primary versions, one of which is a simple chatbot.

As you may have already found out, the main aim of that technology is just a conversation with people. However, messaging platforms for chatbots are not used for the conversation with people just for fun, they have different specializations and pretty strict purposes. Nowadays such technologies are used by various companies, like Adidas or H&M and many others in order to communicate with the customers and have a fast and simple way of dealing with different complicated problems.

chatbot development

What to know before the chatbot development?

Before the discussion of the main developmental principles of such a technology as a chatbot, we have to understand, basin on which circumstances does it function and upon which platforms we develop chatbot apps. Frankly speaking, there are two main strategies upon which the developers usually design such technologies. The first one is so-called machine learning, while the second one is arranged thanks to the usage of different specific commands.

The discussion over these core technologies will be better to start with the second one, due to the fact, that it is much more simple. In order to describe the main idea of its functionality it will be enough to say, that the whole process is rooted in various libraries of special commands created by a designer, who is programming a code for that application. However, the developers may extend these libraries with the usage of some analytics. For example, you may examine various conversations between people and add some common phrases into an extension, which you are creating. But it is not really efficient. It is so, due to the fact, that such a complicated process takes too much time and for a human, even if he or she is a top-notch programmer, it is really complicated to find all the possible variants of phrases, questions and answers and implement them into your app. So, such a technology might be useful only for those, who are looking for  pretty fast and simple way of the creation of a chatbot, and in case if you face a lack of experience in that field, the most appropriate decision for you might be the choice of that approach.

However, there is also another way to develop a chatbot for your business. Simply speaking, the main idea of it is the creation of something related to the artificial intelligence, what might be pretty innovative nowadays. In order to make things more clear, we may take a special example of an extension, which looks pretty similar to what we are discussing. It is Siri. While using an iPhone or any other Apple device there is an opportunity for a user to talk to Siri like to a real person, not only set various commands and invoices. Such an approach, as well as the first one, may be also extended by various phrases, which are used by people in different regular conversations, but that type of work here is not so complicated and exhausting because an app is able to set its setting according to those commands and invoices, which a user gives to it. So, an app is able to choose an appropriate response, basing on its own programming matches and so-called machine learning algorithms, which are actually a core part of any AI. Finally, everything here is available also thanks to the usage of a natural language process.

For which business to make a chatbot and which platforms to choose?

Lots of people, who are curious on how to build a chatbot are also willing to know for which purposes iw will be suitable to use it and which aspects and features of that technology might be beneficial for some certain fields of business. So, in that passage I am willing to tell you the most basic and the most important aspects of the usage of chatbot upon different entrepreneur platforms.

Before thinking on how to build bots for messengers have to highlight, that such technologies are widely used among those people who are involved in the creation of the websites aimed on:

  • Weather;

  • Selling and buying;

  • Cooking;

  • Language learning.

Each of these aspects I am willing to briefly describe downstream. First of all, we have to keep in mind, that such a thing as weather websites and applications usually tend to give the users uncertain or mistake information, that is why, the development of CRM here is really vital. But, because of the fact, that all people around the world really need to know an exact weather forecast, the number of those, who have question is incredible. Thus it will be highly unprofitable to have a call-center for that purpose. That is why, the usage of the bitchat here is highly suitable. Almost the same situation is with the usage of different cooki ng applications and websites, where people tend to have lots of different questions, related to the recipes and ingredients, that is why, the usage of a chatbot may save your life.

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ChatBot app

Then, the discussion of delivery apps have to be enlightened in a much more precise manner. Why so? The question is really simple. The usage of a delivery app, like UPS or FedEx or DHL, means, that people usually have almost the same questions about their parcels and letters, which ought to be delivered. And again, here, in order to answer a question “Why create chatbots?”, we need to mention money. In case if you are willing to answer all the people with the usage of real people, you will just run out of money really quickly and may face lots of financial problems.

Lastly, the situation is a bit different with the language apps. Sometimes, in order to learn a language properly, you need a tutor. However, not ball of the people have time and money for hiring a professional teacher, that is why, in case if you have a language teaching application, the usage of a chatbot tutors might become a revolutionary feature which may help you to stand out from the crown with the usage of some innovative and pretty unknown technologies in order to attract new users. So, I can conclude, that in case if your business is aimed on the creation of different language learning applications, modern chatbot is what you really need in order to be successful.

According to which principles to build a chatbot for your business?

Now, we are getting really close to the main question, how to make your own chatbots? For that purpose, people may use different popular platforms, which might be separated on two different groups, The first one is those, where coding is required and another one is a coding free group. Truly speaking, if you think, that the creation of a chatbot is something incredibly complicated, you are making a mistake. In case if you have a good programmer or even you are an experienced developer, with the usage of such tools it will be much easier to develop such an extension for your business. So.let us examine some the most useful and popular tools.

Coding Platforms

There are several the most popular coding platforms, which are used by the developers in order to create a chatbot extension. Before the description I am willing to tell you, that these tools will be really complicated for the beginners, so, in case if you are a primary developer and do not have a team of the professional supporters, the usage of these techniques as your first tool is not the best decision. Those apps, which are aimed on coding are:

  • Telegram Bot;

  • Facebook Bot;

  • wit.ai.

Those, which are much more simple and do not require coding:

  • Chatfuel;

  • Botsify.

For the creation of chatbot with the usage of a Telegram Bot you do not need a phone number because of the fact, that the usage of all these chatbots within a system of Telegram is regulated according to the programming libraries and systems. However, chatbot upon Telegram is only a baby of another much bigger system, called Bobfather. Thanks to the usage of it we become able to create different bots within the structure of Telegrams and set them with the uaeg of technical tools and supports according to our own demands and needs.

In order to create your own simple chatbots,. basing on Facebook Bot you need almost all the same procedure as in case of the usage of Telegram. That system is based on another one, called wit.ai, which is actually a mother for all of the existing chat bot platforms. Without the usage of it it is impossible to design a proper app or extension focused on bot chatting.

Finally, in the end of the discussion of the coding platforms we, for sure, have to give a word about already mentioned wit.ai. What it actually is? Honestly, it is an absolutely open-source and free coding platform for the creation of different messaging bots, which are based on a natural language strategy and on the very basic technologies of AI, which allow to arrange a pretty interesting and unusual conversations between the users and bots. That is actually a platform, where we ought to upload a data form the actual conversations between people in such a way, that all of those usual phrases, which we use in our everyday life may be known to the brain of an extension in such a way, that it may be able to use it later.

develop a chatbot

Non-coding platforms

That passage might be the most useful for those, who are focused on choosing Chatbot software without having enough experience. However, there are only two possible variants:

  • Chatfuel;

  • Botsify.

The first platform is, as I have already highlighted, a no-coding tool for the creation of a simple chatbot application for the implementation on any possible popular messenger. Tobe honest, anyone can build a simple and pretty beautiful chatbot here. However, the limit is no more, than 100.000conversations. If you use more, you have to pay. Botfly has all the same features. But it is more limited. After the usage of 101 conversation you have to pay for the usage of a platform to the developers. These tools are pretty simple, so are created just for the very beginners and are not the professional tools. Thus, even in case if you build a chatbot upon one of them it will not match all of the needed standards.

Main Features and Aspects of a Chatbot Development

In that last passage I am willing to give you three simple rules, which may allow you to make your robot almost perfect and allow him to talk to real people almost 100% free and without any problems. However, you have to keep in mind, that the development and evolvement of such a bot is almost all the same as raising a child. Why so? It is just because it is learning more and more words just like a real person and has to spend days and hours for that. But it is impossible without your help. Thus, you must always keep an eye on your chatbot and try to help it all the time with adding more and more phrases and answering formulas. Anyway, let us get closer to these golden rules.

First of all, you have to arrange active conversations. It is really vital, due to the fact, that even a beginning version of AI does not have the same flow of thoughts as people. So, any machine needs a straight questions on which it might be able to give a straight answer. Moreover, that is also a great way of teaching your machine with new words and phrases.

Secondly, you have to forget about perfectionism. The only things, which we have to keep in our heads is the fact, that we are in reality, not in Asimov’s books. So, robots here are not able to talk with you about philosophy and poetry. Furthermore, I have already mentioned, that a newborn chatbot is almost like a newborn child. In your childhood your first words sounded like something absolutely unintelligible, something similar to gurgling, clicking and gibberish, so, do not wait the same from a machine, even in case if it is a computer. Be ready for teaching it.

Lastly, let ma make an emphasis, that you have to be adaptive and analyse everything, what is going on within the conversations between various people. So, you may be able to implement various aspects of the real life talks to your extension. Besides, I am also willing to note, that even psychology will be suitable here.

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In that pretty big article I tried to give you a description of the majority of those aspects, which play a crucial role in the process of the creation of an app, focused on the arrangement of the main features of a chatbot, what allows a machine to talk with a man almost like in the real life. As you may noticed, it was not so easy but also not super-complicated. Everything we need is really experienced and skilled programmer. In such a case you can be sure, that in the end you will get what you really need.

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