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Improving Your PPC Campaign in 5 Easy Steps


Improving Your PPC Campaign in 5 Easy Steps

Pay-per-click campaigns are extremely effective, but they can cost your company lots of money if it isn’t optimized properly. Because you’re paying for every single click, you must make sure that you’re doing everything you can to maximize the value of these conversions.

Here are five ways you can do so:

Optimize Your Site For Mobile

Last year, Google announced that they received more searches from mobile devices than traditional desktop computers for the first time ever. If you plan on attracting the majority of the market, having a responsive website design across all devices is no longer optional. If you don’t believe your target market or business model requires mobile search traffic, make sure to disable them from your PPC campaign entirely.

optimization for mobile

Look at Locations

If you’re a local business or only servicing customers in the U.S. and Canada, for example, any traffic outside of your target location is money wasted. If this is the case, make sure to go into your campaign and make sure you’re only targeting a specific area. Another useful way to use location targeting is by creating unique targeted ads for specific areas.

Analyze Your Keywords

One of the best ways you can cut back on wasted impressions and clicks is by carefully taking a look at your negative keywords. It’s important to make sure that your ads aren’t being shown on keywords that you’re not interested in. A good example would be if you’re offering widgets, you don’t want your ad to appear on searches for ‘free widget’, ‘used widget’, or ‘cheap widget’ (unless, of course, that’s the market you’re targeting). Take your time and look at your search term report often to keep your negative keywords as current as possible.

analizing keywords

Create a Natural Funnel

Once somebody clicks on your ad, you must have a plan for where you want them to go next. If you’re using multiple landing pages, it’s a good idea to link them to the same one or two most popular pages on your site. This internal link building strategy serves two purposes. First, it sends your interested prospects to your most valuable content immediately. Second, it helps build the authority of those pages and the rest of your site, allowing your PPC campaign to boost your organic traffic, too.

Consider Customer Retention

You can’t measure the performance of a PPC campaign by only looking at how many initial conversions you receive. You need to look at the lifetime value of each prospect, too. That’s why it’s a great idea to use an SMS service provider for your mobile marketing automation. Text messages are delivered instantly at a low cost, and have an incredible open rate of over 90%. If you’re trying to improve the value of a PPC campaign, using text marketing after the fact ensures you’re able to keep in touch with prospects as long as you want to.

Have you conducted an internal PPC audit with strong results? Leave your own tips and strategies with a comment below!

Sophorn Chhay: the marketing guy at Trumpia, the SMS software with mass sms messaging, smart targeting and automation. Watch Trumpia’s 5-Minute Demo on how to execute an effective mobile marketing strategy.

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