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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Making an App Like Pandora and Main Financial Aspects of Such a Project


Making an App Like Pandora and Main Financial Aspects of Such a Project

Throughout the whole history of the world people have always loved music. It is not only an integral part of any great culture but also a great source of joy for lots of people all over the world. Thanks to its great relaxing and inspiring opportunities, people enjoy a huge variety of musical compositions. Due to that throughout the history of humanity people have had different musical idols, from Paganini and Brahms to “Rolling Stones” and Louis Armstrong. So, that is not strange, that we have always wanted to find the best ways of listening to music. However, after the emergence of the smartphone it became much more easier to find hits and with those, who were able to make music apps the whole process was nothing but joy. But people are really lazy, so, they were trying to find an even more easier approach, which was radio app development. One of the best examples of such projects could be pandora mobile radio, which thanks to its special great features has become a pretty popular addition to lots of devices.

Due to such a success it is not really strange, that lots of those developers, who were thinking on the fast enrichment found it a great idea to create an app clone for pandora radio. However, the main problem here is the fact, that these programmers do not really know those techniques, which could be used to make a radio app. Thus, in that article today we are going to describe all of those nice idea, which could be used by our readers to create a music apps like pandora and sort out all of the issues linked to the radio app development cost.

Why pandora radio application is so popular?

To be honest there are several particular reasons, that may allow us to say, that pandora music app is pretty popular. First of all, thanks to its development the whole industry of musical apps acquired the new technologies of searching and data collecting. For example, I am pretty sure, that throughout your life you have been facing such situations, when while listening to a music you really like it and willing to find something pretty similar but do not know how to do it. Thanks to a music app like pandora that problem could be vanished. To be honest, the strategy is pretty simple. despite of being quite massive.

music apps like pandora

When Pandora was created 18 years ago in 1999, the team of developers introduced a strategy of 400 special criterias, which allowed the professional to match the best songs. For sure, such a process of manual search was too complicated and with the integration of proper searching machines it became much easier. However, the core idea is remaining the same. Simply speaking, while creating an account in a streaming music app, such as Pandora you have to enter your favourite composer or song, so an app may be able to base it searches on that data. Furthermore, while putting dislikes, you are informing the systems, which songs would be better to exclude from the list of those, which are going to be offered to you. Thus, we may conclude, that the searching strategy of Pandora could be something pretty revolutionary, so it has to become the bedrock of your project to create an app like Pandora.

Key elements of Pandora radio mobile app

When you are willing to create a radio station app you have to keep in mind, that there should be several pretty essential elements of your final product. Among them are:

  1. License;
  2. Streaming techniques;
  3. Design;
  4. Monetization strategy;
  5. Recommending engine.

In the passage I am willing to describe you all of those highly important and useful elements, which have to be included to the system of your application in order to have a proper programme. So, let me describe everything clearly and pretty fast.


First of all, when you are thinking on how to make a radio app you must keep in mind, that there is such an important thing as kincene, because of the fact, that if you are going to stream the music without a governmental permission it is going to be considered as a crime and the violation of the rights of the inventor or composer. For sure, such thin is pretty costly, so, it will become one of the main spendings through the whole process of the development of a music radio like pandora. Frankly speaking it has to become your priority number one in case if you are willing to be successful on that field. For sure, various legislative features depends on the system if your state but in any case the acquisition of a license is the most vital thing to do.

Streaming and saving

In case if you are focused on the creation of an online music radio like pandora there is also another vital thing as the identification of the main streaming and storage sources and technologies. That is really important because of the fact, that first of all you have to make a decision, which database are you going to use in order to stream the materials. Secondly, the amount of data is going to be enormous, so you will need good storages.However, you do not have to buy lots of expensive software. In order to deal with the issue of saving the data you may use various cloud systems, such as Amazon or Google services. While talking about the main streaming technologies you basically have two main variants, the first one is the usage of RTMP protocol and the second one is the usage of WEBRTC protocol. To be honest, the choice of one of them depends on the streaming speed, while that question is already the jurisdiction of your programmer.


In case of the online streaming music app development design plays a pretty important but not the main role. For sure, as usually, you have to keep in  mind such important things as the creation of a pretty simple and useful interface, where the users will not be able to get lost, while looking for those functions, which they actually need. Furthermore, it is vital to take into consideration the usability and the creation of a high-quality user experience atmosphere, what is one of the most important aspects of a good modern interface. In other words, it is not so vital to pay your attention to the colors and shapes but to the arrangement of a nice user experience pattern, which will be really easy to use.

pandora business model



There is no project, which may be able to survive without such an important thing. No profits usually means no development and the creation of the internet radio like pandora is, for sure, bot an exception. So, about such a thing as profit you have to think even before the launch of the programming process itself. Why it is so important? The answer is pretty simple. While arranging the main earning strategy you may be able to avoid the discussion of minor features, while proceeding to the core things directly in the beginning, what will save not only your time but also money. There are several key strategies of magnetization:

  1. In-app Purchases;
  2. Premium Accounts;
  3. Advertisement.

The actual choice of one of them for your similar to pandora music website depends only on your aims as a developer and owner and those key perspectives, which you are creating for the future evolvement of your very project.

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Recommending Engine

This part of your project is the most important one. It is so due to the fact, that, as you may remember, the main feature of Pandora is an improved searching opportunities. So, your application has not only to follow the steps of Pandora developers but also to improve those technologies, which were found be the programming squad of Pandora. Answering the question on “How to create a good recommendation engine?” is not only complicated but also impossible, because no one can imagine several special features of a searching machine in several minutes. So, the only thing, which I can advise you is to find a couple of really good programmers, who you may be call the top-notch specialists in their profession and try to arrange a string brain storm in order to find the best way of the arrangements of that crucial process of recommendations and search.

How much does pandora radio cost?

How much does pandora cost? Without a doubt it is one of the most frequently asked questions, which is pretty easy to answer, while making several calculations and research. In that passage we will discuss not only the issue of an app like pandora radio cost, but also several tricks that may allow you to reduce the final price.

First of all let us consider the place of the development. In case if you are from the USA or Canada or any other state, you may think, that the best place of the development is your home country. However, usually it is a pretty important mistake, which is made by the majority of the beginers. The main issue here is the fact, that in the Western states, does not matter what do you consider as Western states; USA, Canada, australia, UK or France, the developmental prices are pretty high. For instance, an hour of coding in USA may cost from $100 to $170 per an hour, while in other states, while being a bit lower it is still not the cheapest one. For example, in UK and Canada, the prices range from $80 to $120 per an hour of work. Anyway, it is definately not really cheap.

cost pandora radio app

However, it does not mean, that we do not have other approaches. There are such states as India or Malaysia, where coding and IT industry, despite of being terrifically popular, could be called one of the cheapest ones, while on the other hand being one of the fastest evolving ones. For instance, if you are interested in the cost to build a radio station app you may be pretty surprised with the moderate prices. For instance, in India prices fluctuate between $25 to $50 per an hour of coding, while in Malaysia, despite of being a bit higher they are not able to stand on the same level as the Western ones, anyway, Malaysian prices are located in the range from $35 to $70 per an hour.

In the very end, while discussing the issue how to create pandora-like app we have to make a calculation, while taking the main things, which ought to be created, approximate time needed for that and the prices of the Eastern programmers. So, in the end we have something like that:

  • Registration engine = 25 hours;

  • Searching Engine = 20 hours;

  • Social Features = 40 hours;

  • In app purchases = 40 hours;

  • Backend = 410 hours;

  • Design = 200 hours.

Finally, the sum equals approximately 740 hours. Here, let me take an average Malaysian and Indian prices and show your the result. Thus, in case if you are willing to create a similar app with the involvement of the Indian forces it may result in $26.000, while in case if you are willing to do the same in Malaysia it will cost you $33.000, what is radically lower from the prices in the Western market. However, in India, that price can be much easier. Anyway, you have to keep in mind, that in that region, while facing a low price, you have to be really careful, while choosing the developers, because of the fact, that they might be just usual swindlers. That is why you may look for something much more reliable but with the same price. Artjoker may be such a place, where you can find anything you need for all the same price, but the entire atmosphere is much safer. So, you may be able to arrange any deals and projects with our developers’ team without being afraid of cheating or a simple financial or cyber crime.


Finally, in that article we tried to explain what is Pandora app and which technologies will it be better to use for the creation of something similar but with your own contribution. You may note, that such a developmental process is not the easiest and fastest ones. So, you have to keep in mind, that in case if you are following all of the needed regulations there is a great possibility of a successful end of the whole event. Thus, we can only wish you good luck in your future projects and hope, that all of the lessons were listened by you carefully.

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