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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Mobile App Development For Restaurants


Mobile App Development For Restaurants

Today it is pretty difficult to imagine any particular sphere of the international business, which would not have any links with the world web, innovations, and new coming ideas. For example, almost every TV channel, news agency, Airways Company, logistic agency and many other companies are now using that modern technology of application development. However, despite such a skyrocketing popularity, we do not really often hair about the restaurant mobile app development. That is actually pretty strange, if we take into consideration the fact, that such highly popular food chains as McDonald's, KFC, Taco Bell or Starbucks have their own highly successful applications, which allowed them to attract even more customers for their products and organize various arrangements, that lead to the growing popularity and usage of their cafes and restaurants. So, because of the fact, that lots of people these days, who have their own restaurant or fast-food business are usually looking for the methods on how to survive in that highly competitive world, I would like to give you several tips on how to develop a mobile app for restaurant, which may help you to popularize your business. Moreover, I am also willing to show you those most useful and most outstanding positive features of the usage of your own extension for the development of your own food business.

Restaurant Reservation App Development

Why should I develop a mobile app for a restaurant?

Maybe, the very first question you may ask would be “Why should I create this app?” The answer is not really simple, but exact and precise. That app will help your business to develop, and that is the most fundamental thing, which you have to know, while thinking on the development of your application for the food business. Moreover, there are lots of different reasons, why to develop the custom mobile apps for restaurants and how they can benefit your business. In that very paragraph I would like to give you a list of those the most important and necessary features, that you have to take into consideration only if you have just started to create a paper-based plan, but not an extension itself.

1Increasing your competitiveness

First of all in case if you are the restaurant owner and have an idea to build mobile app for restaurant, you have to keep in mind, that it is one of the most beneficial decision to increase the level of your competitiveness and your opportunity to be engaged in a rivalry with other and more powerful players of the world of food business. Seriously, throughout the last several years the creation of your own application became one of the most useful tools in your combat with your competitors. For example, according to the very basic statistics, approximately 40% of the world small businesses, especially those which operates in the field of food services do not have their own apps or any other strong and reliable linkage with their direct audience and those main fields of promotion and popularization. Moreover, let me also mention, that a higher level of competitiveness is just that tiny top of an iceberg, while other opportunities become available only in case if you already have this app and got an opportunity to deal with those, who were acting as the main enemies of your business in the field of evolvement.

2Special offers and promotions

One of the main benefits of any application that is developed for the restaurant is for sure, various promotions and offers. For example, it is possible to implement different games to that application and make it easier and more interesting for people to get discounts. For example, pretty long time ago Starbucks company launched their own special application for the users of their cafe chain. The main aim of it was to make the process of the creation of discounts more centralised and better organized. So, the next decision was made. They found out, that it would be pretty nice to offer people to collect special stars within an application, which they can later exchange on a new product in any of the existing Starbucks cafes. So, you are now able to implement any needed discounts and special offers to your application.


Another highly useful thing, which becomes a perfect opportunity for those, who develop their own restaurant apps, is the opportunity to widespread special coupons. For sure, such a decision is not the best one for top-notch restaurants, but if you own a small fast-food cafe, such a decision could be pretty useful. I believe that you have seen all these highly useless paper coupons from KFC or Burger King, which later becomes rubbish. However, in case of the usage of a special application, you do not need paper to send all the up to date discounts to your clients. Moreover, all the most popular brands of fast-food chains, from Taco Bell to Wendy's already use all of the useful tools of that feature.

Build a Food Ordering Mobile app for Restaurant

4Mobile app for restaurant ordering

Mobile app for restaurant ordering could be maybe one of the best things that the whole idea of the creation of a special restaurant application can offer. It is convenient for various reasons. First of all, if you own a good top-quality restaurant, thanks to your application you can avoid that confusion in orders, which are made via telephone, for example. Even if you have a small cafe with a drive-through or without it, does not matter, you can accept all the order in several seconds and let people not to stand in long lines, waiting for the moment, when you would be able to take their order. Furthermore, it can also reduce your expenditures in various ways. For examples, there will be no need for lots of checkouts in a small cafe, while in a big restaurant you may need only two people to take all the orders and analyze them. Or, even more, you can do it without the involvement of humans just with the usage of an already implemented machine, which will be able to control all the orders within an app.


Let us imagine, that one of your most faithful customers decided to go to another city and spend his holidays there. However, he does not know, do you have a part of your chain in that state and city or not. Of course, he can spend some time looking for the information on the Internet. However, Google Maps and other resources could be not really accurate in that field. That is why; the best decision would be to have a geolocation function within your application, what will make the whole process of search much faster and easier. For sure, it may sound trivial; however, even such classic and common things as geolocation can sometimes help you to save the client.

6Strong CRM

It is last, but of course, not least point in that list. Sometimes the beginners do not know, what is actually CRM and why do you need it. However, it is one of the most fundamental pillars, which identify the whole structure of your business. So, to make the long story short, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. That means that thanks to the usage of an application, which you have made for your restaurant, you are now able to control all the flows of those thoughts and feedbacks of your customers on the quality of your service. For instance, within an application, if you are of course interested in the creation of a proper product, you ought to include such a function, which will make it possible for your customers to contact you directly and without any obstacles. Moreover, it would be also a good idea to start a forum within your application, which will make it possible for your customers and clients to send their own offers and willing directly to you. As a result, you will be able to operate with all the needed data and make the improvements, basing on that.

How to build mobile app for restaurant

Now, let me transit from the most outstanding and useful features of the restaurant application to the whole process of its creation. Here, we have three key approaches:

  • Make it on your own;
  • Hire freelancers;
  • Look for professional restaurant mobile app developers;

The first approach may suitable only in case if you have your own skills of a programmer and can operate with such platforms as Java on more or less professional level. Of course, you can try to learn how to code on your own. However, it will not bring enough good outcomes soon. Furthermore, you will spend more time and money on special courses and practice, than on the development of an application itself. So, personally, I do not really recommend you to choose such an unreliable way of dealing with your tasks. Otherwise, it would be much better to go to the developers themselves and ask their help.

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Another two approaches to dealing with that issue are much more reliable and seem to be much more useful. But even here there are several crucial nuances, which may play important roles. First of all, while hiring the freelancers you have to know directly, that you have a pretty limited budget and your project itself is not really big. If you face both of these demands, you can hire a freelance team without a problem. However, in case if you are willing to save money and while having a big project is still willing to hire freelancers, that choice is not the best one. The main reason is that in case if you have lots of different freelancers in different places all over the world, it is not surprising, that you can face lots of problems with management all of them. Moreover, in that case, you can also make another mistake and hire a less qualified programmer. All these errors may lead to further higher losses and problems, which were caused by that gang of remote developers, who you found on the internet in various states, from Poland to India. So, you have always taken into consideration the size of a project you want to create.

Build A Mobile App for Your Restaurant

Of course, the best decision will be to look for a good company that would be able to satisfy all your needs. For instance, within an agency, you will be able to create an iOS app for the restaurant as well as an Android app for a restaurant with no problems. However, you may say that there is an issue of money and hiring a highly professional team of developers from a company is a pretty costly thing. Yes, that is true. However, there are several good tips that may help you to overcome a problem with the restaurant mobile app development cost. It is outsourcing. So, you are looking for your company, not in the West, namely in the USA, UK, Europe, and Australia, where process range from $70 per an hour to $150 per an hour, but in the East and the even Far East. For instance, the best example of the outsourcing platforms may be India, China and sometimes even Taiwan. In these three states, the average price of the programmer’s job equals $20 or $40 per an hour of work. And, you may agree, that the second approach is much more bargaining.

However, of course, you have hard lots of those statements, which try to persuade you, that there is nothing better, but a good developmental team in India, that is not so good and idealistic as you may think. Despite the fact, that Asia is comparatively cheap, it is also much more dangerous, that the western states and it is linked not only with crime rates and drug traffic. Within the system of the programming companies, there are lots of those, which only pretend to be real. In the reality, they're just looking for your money and ideas, which they can just steal and disappear forever, and you may not be able to find them even in case of cooperation with the best detectives. Due to this, I strongly recommend you to look for the developers within the Artjoker Company. Our status was gained not only by good prices but also by our reliability. You can trust us any day and we guarantee, that professionals will do their best to improve it and make perfect in the end.

Bottom Line

All in all, I would like to say, that the development of an application for a restaurant owner is a pretty good idea. As you have seen from the article there are lots of various aspects, which seem to be pretty beneficial for you and for your business. Moreover, the building process as a whole is, frankly, not so complicated. The main thing here is just to find a right balance in the budget and be careful while looking for the programmers. Besides, I hope, that all my advice were pretty useful and will be able to help you in the future to deal with all the issues you may face while developing your restaurant application.

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