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Node.JS vs Python: Which is Best Option for your project


Node.JS vs Python: Which is Best Option for your project

The choice of a proper coding language for a project is pretty important. That decision involves lots of intellectual work and sometimes it is linked to lots of pretty complicated and challenging choices. Moreover, in order to bring your invention to form, which is the most appropriate thing to do, you may want to analyze as much information as is only possible. However, despite  the fact that the creation of the front image of the project is really important, there is also another aspect of app development, which is called backend development. The choice of a proper language for that part of your project is really important as well.

Because the cyber world, nowadays, is developing  faster, which is not strange at all, the variety of languages we have now is really astounding for the majority of beginner developers. Thus, they may face lots of problems while trying to decide which coding platform to use for their app’s backend structure.

However, among all of the possible competitors, we want to choose only two, which are Python and Node.js. For those who just started as a developer, these names may sound pretty unfamiliar and even strange. However, we are here today  to help you deal with all of the possible complications, which you may face while creating an application,  especially its backend system. So, before choosing between Python and JavaScript, let us just deal with the terminology and get a proper answer to the question about what a backend system is.

What is a backend and why is it so important?

The Backend system of an application is actually what allows the entire project to work properly. However, you may argue that the main aim of the programming side of an app is to ensure a stable and fast operation process of the application. However, the backend does it in another way.

First of all, let me say that the world of a website or an application, which is seen by a user, is just something pretty unclear and, of course, not full. That is because the creation of the website or an application is a pretty multi-sided thing, which includes lots of different arrangements and processes that have to be a part of the system. One of these processes is actually the development of the frontend and backend structures of the website. So, when you see the web page or an app, use all of those really nice functions and monitor the pages. You'll see the frontend picture, however, there is also another one, the backend picture, which is placed where all of the most complicated and most important flows within the website are concentrated. All of these flows are managed through the servers and giant computers, which are able to store lots of gigabytes of data needed for your website or app support. So, as you may have already guessed, the main aim of backend development is the creation of proper scripts for the servers, which may allow the users to  later use the web page or application with no problems and obstacles. So, in order to make your web development in the future much  simpler, let us move to the discussion of the most famous titans for backend development.

javascript vs python

Node.js vs Python comparison

First of all, it is important to deal with the question, “What are actually these popular languages, Node.js and Python. Thus, first and foremost, we may argue that they have lots of similarities as well as differences. The main difference lies in the very nature of these two coding technologies. While Python is an independent language, which was created directly for the development of the backend structure of a website, Node.js is just a library created by the Java company, which allows the developers to operate in the field of backend using the same language that is also used for the frontend. So, maybe we already can notice the fundamental benefit from the comparison of JavaScript and Python. That benefit is actually an opportunity to use the same type of language for different purposes. Let that statement be our flash point for  future observation and the search of the answer to the question: “Is it true that Node.js is better than Python?”.

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Main Disadvantages and Advantages of Node.js and Python

For better analysis of Python vs Node.js, it is better to arrange several main categories in which these two main players can compete, while for proper evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the competitors, the idea of giving them points was introduced as well. So, the quality of each language will be evaluated according to the 5-grade rating system. Thus, let us observe the very first category.

Speed and entire quality

Let us be honest, for any developer, one of the most important roles are played by the speed and the convenience of coding with  a certain language. So, we decided to start directly from that essential thing. As we know, the speed of  data analysis and the working process of the entire app or website is managed by the quality of the execution of the code of that website or extension. Despite the fact that lots of developers who enjoy using Python tend to believe that the speed characteristics of that language are better than that of  Node.js, they are not right. Let me be frank and say that Node.js works faster than Python and it is a pretty good example of one of the most beneficial sides of that language. So, according to our grading system, Node.JS gets 5, while Python gets 4.


Today, we are talking about the use of Python or JavaScript directly by the beginners. So, complication of coding and code editing are really important to  developers. Let me mention that in such a situation, some of you may be pretty confused. It is so because, as I have already highlighted, Node.js is the same JavaScript but with some extensions and additions, which automatically makes it much easier. That is true only in one case if you have ever studied JS and have a more or less good experience on how to code with it.

However, in case you are new to both languages, a better choice would be Python, thanks to a pretty simple syntax and interface that is not complicated at all to learn how to code using the language, especially if you have never tried anything similar during your backend development experiments. Thus, Python gets 5, while Node.js is left with 3.5.

Dealing with errors

Any developer will agree that the main problems of coding are errors and mistakes, which could be made by  a coder of any level of proficiency. Moreover, this is usually pretty common because the higher  your proficiency, the  more complicated it is to detect the error and find its roots. However, that does not refer to the highlighted coding languages. Node.js as well as Python may boast of the most advanced and developed error detection and data analysis technologies, which makes it possible to find any possible complications and mistakes that may happen to any code anytime. Thanks to that, both languages get 5 in that field.

compare Nodejs vs Python

Competitiveness and Scalability

While talking about Node.js vs Python for web development, I believe that the power parameter of these coding platforms is also pretty important. So, let us directly move to the main idea here. Because Node.JS was developed not as a fully independent and absolutely new coding language, its potential is a bit lower than that  of Python. For example, lots of developers insist on shifting from Python to Node.js However, before doing that, it is really necessary to think twice and try to evaluate all of the positive and negative outcomes  such a change may lead to. So, I believe that  if you have a big and highly functional application, whose  main concern is the flow of big data clusters and a huge amount of visitors, it may be better to continue to use Python. However, if you are developing something more entertaining and focused on the user experience and pleasure, if the entire size of the project is pretty small, it would be really nice to still use Node.js as the core platform. Moreover, Node.js is especially good if you want to create an e-commerce shop.

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All in all, we tried to compare Python vs Node.js in a pretty unbiased and clear manner. And to be honest, it is not really easy to decide what would be the best choice for you actually. However, if we take a look at those startups using Node.JS, such as Linkedin or eBay, it may seem that it would be better to choose Node.JS in the end. And as for me, that is true, especially if you are a beginner, while Python, despite being a pretty simple language to learn, is focused on much more massive and complicated projects, which are, of course, not for the beginner coders.

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