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Reactjs vs Vuejs - What to Choose?

The development of the world of IT industry is one of the fastest growing branches of business area and in the same time a great field for big argues. One of these argues was caused by the emerging popularity of vuejs library and its wide usage among the programmers all over the world. Despite of the popularity of that library there was also another one aimed on the same purposes and supported by a pretty big community of fans. It was called reactjs. Thus, today, I am willing to sort out that issue and deal with the choice on what is better, reactjs or vuejs and deal with the competition of reactjs vs vuejs. Despite of the fact, that the purposes of these two JS libraries are almost similar, there are lots of differences among them, which may lead to some misunderstanding among the users, especially, the primary ones. So., another reason why I decided to write such a passage is also caused by those problems, which the beginning programmers may face, while trying to launch their own project with the implementation of one of these articles.

What is the reason to operate upon ReactJS?

While talking about React Js vs Vuejs we have to keep in mind, that React.js is an open source and 100% free JS library used for the creation of the user interfaces, which main aim is the regulations of the updating processes of the web-pages and the control over the key flows, which play the most important roles in the process of the web page optimisation. However, it would be suitable to say, that React may face a pretty important problem of lagging behind such fully-loaded and popular libraries as: Angular, Ember or Backbone, which are developed on a more advanced level. Thus, let me give a word on the best sides of React.js.

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Advantages of ReactJS:

  • In case of looking on a primary code you already have an opportunity to say, how the final product is going to look like, due to the fact, that you already know all the circumstances.That particular point is one of the most important for any professional framework. The components could not be changed directly, but you have an opportunity to alter them through the callback functions.

  • Because of the connection between Java and HTML within a library the understanding of all the essential components is easy and fast. So, you may not face any problems with the transition and clearness of the code.

  • There is also an opportunity to render React JS through the operations within the server. In case if your main aim is the development of a public site or application, and you are using front-end projects on the client, so, React JS is not for you due to the highlighted point.There is another pretty important feature, which influences the usage of the libraries in a pretty strong way, that feature is PhantomJS. For instance, it as well may help you to increase the level of rendering of your materials within a website or application, what automatically may lead to the growing potential and popularity of your project.

react.js development

React js main drawbacks:

  • Because of the problems with the event system, you may not have an opportunity to implement lots of special features within React JS. So, you have to be ready for these complications, while choosing React.

  • Unfortunately, React has a poor and highly unclear documentation.

  • There is also an unequal service size, comparing to the capabilities of the software.

  • Work with React involves too much printing.

Pros and cons of vue js

Vue.js is based on the MVVM pattern and is aimed on the creation of the user interfaces based  on data models through reactive binding data. A developer might not know how to use it but he should have heard about Vue js, due to the fact, that its popularity skyrocketed only a few years ago. For instance, in 2016 it occupied the top searching positions in Google and other engines, what already mau mean something. Thus. while speaking on about React javascript framework comparison with Vue, it will be suitable to identify the main benefits of these framework.

Advantages of vue js:

  • That programme decided to take only the best from such programmes, such as React.

So, we may argue, that Vue is balancing between different powers, such as, simplicity and the code writing convenience. From React Vue.js has taken a pretty big amount of special features, which play a pretty important role in coding, while it also did everything in order to avoid the repetition of the mistakes of React.JS. Vue.js does not require any default compilers, due to this we can conclude, that Vue is one of those platforms, which does not need a 24/ monitoring and which may act as a reliable resource for all of those most fundamental pillars of programming, which are vital on the first steps.

  • Vue js is pretty simple and easy to understand;

Vue is really simple to operate with, basing on the key HTM and JS technologies: you are able to hold highly complicated operations with the involvement of a pretty small numbers of resources, which are important for any programmer. So, we may say, the Vue is one of those platforms, which fits the best for the beginning developers.

  • Forms

In case if you are willing to work with HTML forms upon Vue, it will be a joy for you. To be honest, collateral binding here plays the most important role.Thanks to the usage of such a highly useful tool, any complicated and bilateral coding operations become much easier and faster to organize, what, as a result, leads to the creation of a nice programming and software atmosphere.

  • Technologies

Operation upon such technological approaches as, for instance, PostCSS or ES6 is not a problem at all. Everything is thanks to a one file packaging system and the simplicity of the whole background structure of Vue, which automatically means fast calculating and debugging process for the users, while advanced technological level only makes an emphasis on the universality of a library.

  • The State Management

Vue.JS is able to work on the circumstances of pretty simple State Management, what could make the life and work of primary developers easier and much more simple.

  • Performance

Vue.js on average is much faster, than any other platforms, what is a great benefit for those, who want to develop their web resources and application upon the usage of it. So, while choosing Vue, you also choose one of the best speed parameters, that could be offered.


Disadvantages of vue js:

  • Runtime errors in templates

The biggest: unpleasant runtime errors in templates. A sacrifice for the convenience of writing code. Despite of the existence of many different beneficial and useful features for the developers operating with Vue, there is also another highly important problem. It is the runtime errors, which sometimes do not allow the user to operate with a system for 100%, so, you have to be ready to face such issue and be ready to sacrifice.

  • Libraries

Infrastructure of the Vue library is still on the very beginning level. So, all those components, which are involved into the work of the system sometimes can be pretty unstable. Because of it, young and inexperienced programmers may make several mistakes, while combining the version of Vue with their project. This problem is leveled by the fact that you can do cool things in Vue.js without much need for third-party libraries. You will probably only need a library for Ajax queries (a vue-resource would be a good choice if you do not care about isomorphic applications, otherwise Axios) and probably Vue-router, which is considered a library with good support from Vue.js.

Vue comparing with React JS library

While considering the difference between reactjs and vuejs it might be suitable to mention not only the simplicity, nut also those features of each of these frameworks, which may fit to one or another project.

  1. In case if your project involves the usage of templates there is no other choice but the usage of  Vue.

It is really fast and simple to add the Vue changes and additions to the HTML markups, while that may look like several functions of Angular and be similar even on the technological level. However, if you are really willing to succesfully use templates, it is highly important to know HTML in advance, what for several users may be a serious obstacle. But a great advantage is also an opportunity to test all the applications in an easy and quick manner. Your choice may never be wrong if you stop your choice on Vue. It will bring you not only great outcomes (in case of proper usage, of course), but also will be a great pleasure for those, who know, what is a good programming platform.

  1. If simplicity plays a crucial role, make you decision on Vue.

Sometimes it make seem, that Vue was created directly for the creation of simple and small applications. For instance, in case of the usage of that library, the user will be able to download and app directly from the browser without any mediators. Moreover, thanks to Vue, you may be able to operate with highly simple and clear functions, located directly within a programming environment.

  1. In case if you have an idea to create as small and as fast application as only possible, Vue is directly for you.

Both React and Vue create a virtual DOM, and synchronizes it with the real DOM as soon as the data in it changes. Both libraries have tools for optimizing this process. To get all the React tools you will need React DOM, as well as the React library itself, this is 48.8 KB, which is almost twice as much as Vue. Frankly speaking you will get more API with React, but you will not get twice as much functionality.

  1. Choose React if you are willing to make a pretty big app.

Sometimes, the usage of those libraries, which were aimed on the creation of small apps for the building of bigger ones, may lead to the emergence of a giant bunch of problems. That is why, professional developers may rely on React, while focusing on the creation of big and complicated applications.Thanks for its technological characteristics, it may help you to analyse all the needed data much faster, while an opportunity to organize all the coding spartans easily and in a simple manner may help you to avoid the mass within a code.

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Making a conclusion

Within that article I tried to give you an explanation of the rivalry of vuejs vs reactjs and decided to provide the reader with the ,benefits of Reactjs as well as Vue and the weak sides of both libraries. I really hope, that because of all the information, which was presented in that article, you were able to acquire as much data as you needed and now can, even in the beginning level, to find out the key differences of two platforms and make a more or less proper choice on what do you actually need and which operating system would it be better to choose.

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