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TOP 11 Best Frameworks for Android App Development


TOP 11 Best Frameworks for Android App Development

The development of an application for Android or iOS platforms is always a great challenge for the developers, regardless their experience and professionalism. Besides, we may say, that the very concept of the creation of an application is not a solid notion of several rules and technologies, which have to be adopted by the developers all over the world. Actually, the whole process of the app development is a highly complicated structure of different technological approaches and decisions, ideas, and concepts, which are going to be used by the programmers. Furthermore, we also have to remember, that the most important thing here is not motivation, idea or team. The key role sometimes is played by those tools, which you are using for the development of an application. Your achievements in the future, success and even revenues might depend on those techniques and approaches, which you chose for the designing process for an app you, are willing to present to the world.

Not only the beginners but also those, pretty experienced people, who are involved in the developmental process tend to make lots of pretty important and influential mistakes while choosing the best technologies, which might be matchable within a structure of a project. Thus, in that particular article, we decided to describe the best android app development frameworks, which will allow you to have such an end product, which you really want to, have. So, get ready to listen to the nuances of the usage and choice of the best Android frameworks for your business.

What is an android framework?

Before the description of those top frameworks for the creation of an application for Android, it might be suitable to answer the question on “what is an android framework?” It is so, because of the fact that people sometimes tend to ask various questions related to programming, while thinking, that they are talking about frameworks, however, they are wrong. So, in order to eliminate such a problem let me describe the very term, first of all.

Frankly speaking, the framework is a set of various technological cyber libraries and functions, which allow the developer to lead the development of his app, website or game in a better way. For instance, they may act as the most suitable helpers in case if you need to deal with different functions within your ecommerce website, for example, the arrangement of a check-out process, while making it more comfortable for the customers, not you are willing to enter the payment process, all these operations are available with the help of special frameworks. In case if you already know several essential information about the frameworks themselves, it might be better to proceed to the discussion and the description of the most popular frameworks for Android App Development.

1 Reactive X

Reactive X framework

The creation of an application for Android or any other popular platform is absolutely impossible without the arrangement of functional programming. So, because of the existence of a great need to develop and control different highly basic aspects of the whole process of the app development, for the programmers, it became clear that such an issue requires an emergency decisions and the construction of a special independent framework.  The name of that framework is Reactive X. That is one of the most popular and widely used frameworks, which are one of those must-haves, which must be in a toolkit of any developer or programmer. One of the main beneficial aspects of those frameworks is its speed and simplicity in the organization of different operations of the project development.

The main duty of Reactive X is, as you may guess, the creation and unification of different platforms for the faster and better construction process. Due to the usage of Reactive X, you become able to unite such platforms as observer platform, interaction platform, and functional platform. Besides, thanks to the usage of that function, you can radically improve the whole level of quality of your application.

2 Realm

Realm framework

To be honest, that is a pretty good framework for Android app development. In case if you ask me “What is the best framework for the creation of an e-commerce app?” I would respond, that it is Realm, without a doubt. It is a framework arranged directly for the creation of different databases. Especially it is vital for those people, who are willing to design their own shopping platforms, as I have already highlighted earlier. Despite the fact, that a key aim of the usage of such a technology is the arrangement of different databases, it also has a pretty nice influence on the speed level of work of a programme, which you are creating. It is so, due to the fact, that the structuralists layers of data may be now stored and monitored in a much more simple and organized manner. Moreover, Realm might be able to allow you to develop different complicated and massive databases, such as SQLite, what is pretty complicated, to be honest.

3 Crashlytics

Crashlytics framework

No one likes to see bugs in the apps and software, which are used, even the developers themselves. That is why such a software as Crashlytics was created. Actually, that extension was created as the main tool for crash reports during the developmental process as well as after the release of an application. Thanks to its opportunity to work in the real time you are able to detect almost all of the possible bugs and problems really quickly while dealing with them simultaneously without crashing the other parts of the project. Besides, that framework for all Android apps would be one of the best decisions. Not only the speed and reliability make that extension so popular, but also the simplicity with which you might be able to implement it into an app you are developing.

4 Stripe

Stripe framework

In case if you have a pretty good business, money cannot play a minor role there, especially, if you own an e-commerce shop application. This framework makes it possible for the developers to integrate almost any possible strategy of payment into a project, which is going to be presented to the users later. One of the most essential and vital points of Stripe, which might be able to make that additional tool so useful is not only the functionality, thanks to which the user may be able to use any possible strategy of payment, but also the flexibility and the simplicity of the system itself. Thus, the usage of that framework will make you possible to spend much less time on a financial operation and will automatically monitor the key money flows within an app, what will allow you to save time, and, as a result, money.

5 Picasso

Media plays an essential role in the development of any application, especially in case if we are talking about different pretty complicated Android projects. That is why the usage of such a framework is pretty important. Picasso is a simple and functional image loader, which allows you to arrange any possible cooperation with absolutely different and even the most unusual image formats, what is highly beneficial for an app, which you are developing. Besides, while talking on such a thing as a photo loading application we do not have to forget, that usually, it has to be pretty compact and fast in order to avoid the creation of problems for the developers. Picasso meets these demands in the best manner due to its simplicity and speed, which allow diminishing the possibility of the emergence of any kind of problem during the process of coding and testing.

6 Fresco

That is one more android framework created for the transportation of photos and other media files to your building yard from the outdoor. Fresco was developed by Facebook, and you are able to feel the quality of the leaders in each piece of it. However, it does not mean, that such a framework is the best one and can be used anywhere. Despite the fact, that it has a pretty known name and a wide range of functionality and opportunities, it is a bit weaker than Picasso. It is so, because of the fact, that Picasso is able to analyze much bigger amounts of data and do it faster. That is why; we might be able to make a conclusion, that the usage of Fresco might be more suitable for the smaller projects.

7 Mixpanel Analytics

That is a framework, which is pretty similar to its competitor, Google Analytics, which we are going to serve a bit later. Despite the fact, that Mixpanel is not as popular as Google, the functionality of that framework might be even more various and broad, what allow you to achieve more and improve your application in a better way while having a bigger amount of data. However, this extension is not free; you have to pay a certain amount of time in order to get the full version.

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8 Best Google-based Frameworks

It is not a secret at all, that Google is one of the most powerful corporations in the whole world. It will be a great surprise if the would not try to make their contribution into the world of the development of the frameworks for various projects and developers. Despite the fact, that a set of the Google frameworks and cyber decisions is pretty moderate, we have to examine it precisely. It is so because of the fact, that this company is ready to give you a good for almost any purpose, and these three frameworks might be the best proof of these words.

9 Google Play Service

It is almost an unlimited platform for the development developed by that company. There is a pretty moderate but, for sure, not a full list of the additional functions, which you may find within an extension, such as maps, location and GPS, ads and app invites, log in with Google+ and many other features. Definitely, such a framework it is really easy to use, due to the fact, that everything it is simple and 100% clear. Besides, thanks to the automatic updates within the Google Play Service, you will not miss the latest news.

10 Google Analytics

Google Analytics framework is pretty famous, that is why it is needless to talk too much about it. I believe, that it might be enough to say, that this extension gives you an opportunity to monitor and analyze all of the most essential and important aspects of the development of your application on the market, visits and the popularity rate.

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11 Google Support Library

I believe that such a problem is familiar even for those people, who are not involved in programming too much. This problem is the impossibility of cooperation between two various software because of the fact, that one of them has been developed upon a too old version and for today is not the latest one. That is why, the usage of Google Support Library framework is pretty vital for the redeveloper, who is interested in the support of new UI for older Android versions.


The choice of a right framework for the development of an application might be a pretty complicated and controversial decision. However, in case if you might be able to arrange all of the needed elements of the existing frameworks and extensions for Android in a solid organism, which might be able to become a brain and soul for your application, you might be 90% sure, that the future success is near and all your dreams are close to becoming true.

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