Top Websites And Web Apps Developed Using AngularJS Framework

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AngularJS is a JavaScript framework by Google designed to create dynamic web apps and websites. Today we’d like to share with you big AngularJS websites belonging to famous companies.

AngularJS is one of the most popular web development tools. Its popularity keeps growing, and the number of incredible solutions built using AngularJS increases as well. Angular is not a perfect solution for just one type of software; it is a powerful tool that has capabilities to fulfill various web development tasks and enhance the website or the application with the needed functionality.

AngularJS website examples show us the might of this JavaScript framework in the best way. When determining the Angular?s role in your project, you may not even imagine that you use websites built with it every day. So, we invite you to take a look at the top AngularJS apps list and find out more about the world of web development.

Top Websites And Web Apps Developed Using AngularJS Framework

Best AngularJS Website Examples: A Short Intro

Even though Angular is often called a superhero in the web development galaxy, this tool is still unknown to many people. So, what should one know about AngularJS? For non-development specialists, there is not so much to take into account. We have prepared this brief AngularJS review for you to help you get acquainted with this framework before diving deeper into the top AngularJS example applications.

1. Performance As The Main Feature

The appearance of Angular brought the whole web development industry to another level. The apps and websites built with Angular demonstrate a high level of performance.

2. Page Reloading Left In The Past

This is a nice feature that you can often find in various AngularJS examples of an app, and it may help you to reveal the webpage origins. Check if your action on the page causes reloading. For example, does a page reload after you send an email? Or when the registration form is submitted? If the reloading process does not start, you are browsing a page created with Angular.

3. The Main Competitors

JavaScript programming language is having the time of its life. A great number of superb tools have been developed with JS lately, so Angular has a lot of rivals on the market. The Facebook team launched the React library, Backbone solutions are nothing new on the Internet, and Vue.js wins more and more attention day by day. However, despite a huge number of various tools for web development purposes, Angular wins the race.

AngularJS is an open-source development tool launched by Google. It supports the MVC architecture and enhances the functionality of HTML web page elements. The success of this framework was predicted long before its release. The influential Google developers brought this marvelous framework to life and promoted the development of a strong AngularJS community. The results are truly stunning: thousands of useful websites and apps are developed using Angular. Let?s highlight the best of them.

Best AngularJS Websites Examples You Should Know About

World?s famous brands use Angular for the successful web promotion of their business. If you want to see how Angular works, visit the following best AngularJS websites examples.


Top Websites And Web Apps Developed Using AngularJS Framework - 1

This revolutionary tool in the world of financial transactions is built with Angular. This fact is fascinating: PayPal?s strong security features put the Angular functionality in a new light. PayPal have built the Checkout System with Angular, which provides the user with a fast and safe experience.


Top Websites And Web Apps Developed Using AngularJS Framework - 2

This company is one of the first world leaders that adopted Angular technology for extending their website features. Nowadays, Amazon continuously improves the functionality and provides better service, all thanks to Angular.


Top Websites And Web Apps Developed Using AngularJS Framework - 3

This whole global platform for freelancers is built with Angular. More than 12 million of specialists are now registered on the former oDesk, and millions of various vacancies appear here annually. Upwork creates the impeccable conditions for communication and handles all the processes well thanks to the Angular capacities.

One more similar resource,, with more than 15 millions of users is developed using Angular as well.


Top Websites And Web Apps Developed Using AngularJS Framework - 4

With more than 13 million of visitors monthly, Vevo platform has to demonstrate brilliant functionality and great performance. This aim is reached thanks to using Angular that makes up the basis of the website.

Gmail App

Top Websites And Web Apps Developed Using AngularJS Framework - 5

A special position on the list belongs to the AngularJS example app a lot of us use every day. Gmail application demonstrates the Angular?s features in the best way: the updates are performed dynamically and the interaction with the user is smooth and seamless.

The Guardian

Top Websites And Web Apps Developed Using AngularJS Framework - 6

As it was mentioned above, Angular finds its application in different industries. Another considerable example of the top Angular websites is the web edition of a world-famous British newspaper. Over 300 million Internet users visit this website monthly. In order to handle the huge volume of data, The Guardian uses a Grid built with Angular.


Top Websites And Web Apps Developed Using AngularJS Framework - 7

We believe that Netflix online streaming service can hardly remain unfamiliar to Internet users from 3 to 100 years old. The seamless media streaming to Netflix users would be nearly impossible without Angular, as the website is built with this framework.

Read also: How to Develop an App like Netflix?

YouTube for PS3

Top Websites And Web Apps Developed Using AngularJS Framework - 8

The Sony PlayStation version of YouTube, the unique web service for watching and sharing videos, is built using Angular.


Top Websites And Web Apps Developed Using AngularJS Framework - 9

This web resource on the current weather in any spot in the world is built with Angular. The information is updated constantly, and the website handles thousands of visitors every day.


Top Websites And Web Apps Developed Using AngularJS Framework - 10

One of the leading airline companies in the USA has built its website with Angular. The domestic and international flights are offered to millions of users that have an opportunity to experience the Angular website features by themselves.

The list of the websites built with AngularJS may continue with many more world?s brands and useful apps. Obviously, Angular is a widely used JavaScript framework that deserves the attention and fame.

Content of the article


AngularJS is one of the best tools for web development. Created by Google, it won the attention of millions of software enthusiasts and gathered a powerful community. These people contribute to its improvement every day. With the Angular’s help, the functionality of PayPal, Amazon, Vevo, the Guardian and many other websites has been considerably enhanced.

Do you want to know more about this framework? Just browse the above-mentioned websites and see for yourself - Angular rocks!

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