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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Trends in Information Technology 2018


Trends in Information Technology 2018

2017 conquered the whole world with new discoveries and the creation of innovative software; Apple released their revolutionary iPhone X, and Ilon Mask launched another missile. The world does not stand still, and information technologies are also progressing. 2018 will come soon, and Artjoker decided to share with you the main trends in IT, which are sure to be top-notch in the coming year. We present to your attention the TOP IT industry trends 2018.

TOP IT trends for 2018 from Artjoker

big data trends 2018

1 Big Data

The development of IT technology continues, and the amount of data using is skyrocketing, that is why there is no surprise, that Big Data was on our list of trends in IT last year. In this way, digital marketing becomes more efficient and brings more concessions than traditional one, to which we all are accustomed. With the increase of popularity and demand for large data, the demand for profile professionals is increasing as well. Be prepared for the fact that the largest IT companies will begin to open many vacancies for specialists of big data.

Containerisation trends 2018

2 Containerisation

The more cloud technologies are implemented in the software, the more data is used by stored applications in the cloud. This process is called containerization. In other words, when an application works, the main operating system refers not to the file archive which is on the device itself, but to the cloud, where the bulk of information is stored for the uninterrupted work of the program. Thus, the load on the main system is reduced to zero, which means that we get a faster and more productive device for use.

Chatbots Trends

3 Chatbots

Chatbots are quite common in the nowadays world, and there is a tendency of recruiting more professionals who are engaged in writing bots which can communicate with potential customers in the chat form and answer questions that concern specific product. Our leading experts forecast an incredible growth in demand for such bots in 2018, and we are already preparing for the fact that our customers will also want these innovations to be implemented into their software.

New trends in information technology 2018 are so diverse and large-scale that the development of bots does not seem so great, but believe us, in a few years they will become an integral part of our daily life.

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Artificial Intelligence trends

4 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has ceased to be something innovative in IT trends for 2018 and is easily applied in creating various products in the IT field. Moreover, some companies say that this technology is dangerous for humanity since there is a high probability of losing jobs. Fortunately, these fears are groundless, because the demand for specialists in this area is much higher than in other ones of programming, so AI will most likely create jobs in order to magnitude more than it will take.

Types of AI:

  • Purely Reactive;

  • Limited Memory;

  • Theory Of mind;

  • Self-Aware.

The main goal of the AI ​​is to maximize the automation of existing processes. In the nearest future, there will be practically no people at factories and mass production facilities, but there will be much more workplaces in information technologies. Maybe you should think about changing the profession now?

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Voice Assistants trends 2018

5 Voice Assistants

Once Siri, created by Apple, was the only voice assistant that was available on the smartphone to everyone. But for now, almost every major world company has created its own assistant, which effectively integrates into their software. For example:

  • Amazon (Alexa);

  • Windows (Cortana);

  • Google (Google Assistant);

  • Samsung (Bixby);

  • Yandex (Alice);

  • Apple (Siri).

They did not just create a program that can recognize the speech and immediately respond to the interlocutor but also created special devices, like the Home Kit, that allows you to manage the house. Soon these assistants will replace people in some positions and will be more reliable in their work since the human factor will be completely ruled out.

There are many reasons to use a voice assistant. Most often it happens when you are driving or if you are too lazy to write. According to the report, in 60% of cases, the user turns to the voice assistant when his/her hands or eyes are busy. Moreover, statistics show that over the previous year, the share of voice assistant use for searching in Google increased from 0% to 10%. This number is just incredibly big, right? Therefore, in the coming year, it is worth to pay special attention to already existing assistants and make a new one.

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JavaScript trends 2018

6 JavaScript

JavaScript is included in the information technology trends for 2018 thanks to its rapid growth and development. World’s statistics shows that this programming language is the most popular among programmers, because of the libraries which are becoming more flexible and easier to implement. As before, the eternal struggle between Angular and React still continues.

Angular and React are used and supported by large companies. Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp use them on their pages. Google uses them in many of its projects: for example, the new Adwords user interface was implemented with the help of Angular and Dart. On GitHub, Angular has more than 25,000 stars and 463 contributors, React has more than 70,000 stars and 1000 contributors. So both technologies have the right to life, so the choice is yours.

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Ecommerce trends 2018

7 Ecommerce

E-Commerce systems are gaining momentum and being developed even faster than Big Data, so they got their place in 2018 Tech Trends. Based on the practical experience of Artjoker and other companies which create online stores, we believe that in 2018 Magento CMS and the Shopify hosting platform will become the most popular platforms. Specialists for E-Commerce systems are in the top career trends in IT for 2018.

These products will help entrepreneurs collect all the necessary information about users and customers, carefully analyze their behavior and anticipate their desires. Imagine that you go to the online clothing store, and it already knows your name and that you need new pants and a dress. Such using of data and tracking systems will help to increase sales and win the trust of buyers.

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Motion UI trends for 2018

8 Motion UI

We also included web design in predicted IT trends for 2018, as it is one of the main components of creating a user-friendly interface for a future product. Continuing the course of the outgoing year, you can notice the fact which is built on the basis of the processor Sass - the tendency of increasing the number of animations in the software and sites. Sass allows you to use functions which are not available in the CSS itself, for example, variables, nestings, myxines, etc.

Shall we use Sass as a part of Mobile web trends for 2018  or not? If you want to save time and effort, then "yes” is an unambiguous answer is. This is a convenient and very simple solution for speeding up the development of sites.

So, what about 2018 Tech Trends?

These are all strategic technology trends for 2018 for today. We hope that you have discovered something new for yourself or taken a note of a useful trend that will surely bring you steep results next year. Watch for the latest IT news with Artjoker, see ya!

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