What is Link Building

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Link building is link building to improve a website's ranking in search engines. Link building is the basis of quality and sustainable results. It is what allows you to position yourself for the search engines and provide relevant, voluminous and constant traffic.

Every more or less qualified SEO will say with confidence that the backlinks to the site are a must if you want to get into the top of extradition. The position of the website is still very influenced by the content and backlinks. Therefore, you should not ignore link building under any circumstances.

Of course, today you can not just buy thousands of links on the cheap, not paying attention to the quality of sources. You need to choose only those sites that will give you relevant traffic - that is, potential customers. Building link building that search engines love is not an easy task, but doable if you stick to proven methods.

Provide value to users

The most obvious, simple and, most importantly, working strategy is link byte. Its essence is to create quality content that will bring traffic to your target website because of its intrinsic value. To do this, you need to think about what information your target audience will willingly share online. Look at your content from the outside and consider whether or not it deserves to be shared and therefore provide you with a link.

This is why it is important to know your audience. To develop an understanding of it, you need to try different types of content and watch the user's reaction.

There's no one hundred percent working link-building strategy here. But on the other hand, it means that everyone is fighting for positions on an equal footing. So go ahead and try to create link-worthy content.

Speaking of content, it's also worth remembering that videos are slowly replacing text. They can provide fast promotion of the site for several reasons. Videos are much more willing to share on the Internet, they are happy to watch. The average Internet user watches approximately 206 videos a month. Also, videos are processed by users much faster than text. So give this format a try.

And if you don't have any ideas for content, try tried-and-true approaches which have proved effective:

  • Unique Insights. Interviews, studies, personal experiences and other unique information, which only you possess, are sure to attract the attention of your users.
  • Useful articles or surveys. By creating materials that explain the intricacies of interacting with your product, you attract your target audience and, therefore, get a chance to earn new leads.
  • Video. As we said above, videos are the future. You can combine text and videos, making the material more interesting and interactive.
  • Hot topics. Follow what's happening in your industry, and try to talk about what's trending at the moment. Naturally, it's also worth preparing content for public holidays.

By devoting resources to content marketing, you'll notice that external optimization feels like it's happening on its own. Users will share your quality content, bringing you lots of free and relevant traffic.

What is Link Building

Guest blogging

This is a great method, especially if you want to build link building for the bourgeoisie - the Western Internet audience. But there are nuances to consider here. On the one hand, guest blogging allows not only to earn backlinks, but also to reach a much larger number of users, which is no less important to increase the ranking of the website. But on the other hand, low-quality blogging will not bring any results and you will only waste your time and money. You need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy.

Among the pluses:

  • reaching the target audience;
  • attracting leads (potential customers);
  • increasing brand loyalty;
  • the opportunity to talk about yourself in detail


  • it is often quite expensive, few people will publish an article for free;
  • if you choose the wrong blog, you won't get any results;
  • you need to create unique, high-quality and truly useful content, which you also need to spend money on.

If you've thought through all the advantages and disadvantages of this method and still decide to do guest posting, a logical question will arise in your mind: "Where can I find opportunities to publish material?" Here you have two options. The first is to go to platforms like Spark or Medium and publish an article there for free. But it is very easy to get lost among a huge number of other authors on these platforms. The second - google good and find blogs and online magazines matching the subject of your site. Naturally, you are unlikely to get to publish in highly promoted magazines for free. But they will provide you with strong informational support.

A little nuance - when you publish your content on other blogs, don't forget to ask the owners to leave a link-tracking option. Building link building without links is impossible, as is tracking its effectiveness if the blog's owners have removed the ability to track links.

What is Link Building - 1

Play on the ego of the users

This clever technique will not only allow you to earn traffic, but also to raise your credibility. It involves creating content that feeds your target's ego, for which you'll get a link in return. The main goal is to get the target to share your site or post and "feed" your link mass with new links. Here are some examples of this technique:


Quote opinion leaders or mention them in your story. This will get their attention, and you'll get a chance for a response. Don't forget to notify the target of the mention..


Sometimes opinion leaders may seem unreachable, but they are not. Many are easy to contact.

Gathering Opinions

By asking a few important personalities about their opinions on a topic, you will get great informative material that both users and searchers will love.

What is Link Building - 2

Crowd-marketing link building technology

A strategy as old as the world, which still works great. Crowd marketing is, roughly speaking, feedback work. Nobody forbids you to leave links to your website in the comments. The main thing is that this comment should be posted on a blog or forum on a relevant topic and not look like blatant advertising. You can ostensibly recommend your resource to readers. Or just thank the author for the material and mention your site.

Link building by leaving a review has long proved its effectiveness. The main thing is to act wisely and not to be cheeky when leaving comments.

Lists of websites

Although the inclusion of a resource in the appropriate list does not so much affect the rating, it is still worth doing it. There are free directories of sites without backlinks, where you can easily specify your website with a direct link to it. This will not take much time, but at least minimally affect traffic

Content of the article


With the right approach, link building can be quite a fun process. And most importantly - effective. And then you can enjoy a steady growth of traffic and, of course, profits.

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