Chargo - is a new system for renting power banks in Norway
The idea is to create an application for searching paver banks for rent
Imagine the situation: you are in a strange city, and suddenly your phone runs out and will turn off very soon. What to do? Running to the nearest shopping center is not a good decision— the device is expensive, and probably not charged. But there is a solution - open the Chargo app and find the nearest station to rent a paver bank. When your phone is saved, simply return the power bank to any nearest station
Cargo is an IoT application in fact. During the development process we actively interacted with the hardware firmware of the stations. In addition, we worked with a payment service, a backend of orders and users, as well as with middleware - an intermediate layer that works directly with the application.

There are already similar companies on the Norwegian market, but we have developed a system with a unique interface and special payment logic
Technology stack
The application was developed on the most popular technologies of 2020 React.js and Node.js.
React.js is a front-end technology on which you can implement any ideas, and using Node.js to write an easily scalable backend part