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Mobile exhibition German in Ukraine: history and culture
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About German Museum
In 2016, we have a unique project for science, a present to the widespread history of Ukraine. The whole exhibition «Nimtsi in Ukraine: history and culture», as a systematization of historical information about german in Ukraine. Arranged for topics, prices presented on stands of Ukrainian and Ukrainian language and illustrated with maps, documents, photographies...
Application Creation Goals
To make the process of studying history more interesting
Add motivation through gamification
Make visiting the museum more convenient with the help of an audio guide and additional content in the app
First, the user is met by onboarding, which in three steps shows what kind of application it is
Splash+Onboarding animation
Main feaures
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Tests and certificates
About exhibition
Take a history test and get certified
You can save the certificate for print or share it with your friends
Audio guide and media
Scan the QR and listen to the in-ear lectures. Also get more interesting and cognitive information in your gadget