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Mobile devices expansion has shaken the world as we know it. Wherever you go, you take your smartphone with you. Whatever you do, you try to check your notifications as often as possible. Nevertheless, the might of the mobile industry has both positive and negative impacts. On one hand, our life does not take place only online, and it is an extreme waste of time to spend hours a day checking your smart devices. On the other hand, mobile technologies create amazing opportunities for self-improvement and business development. So, in order to make a great contribution to your business, you need to think carefully about how to hire mobile app programmers.

Why It Is Hard To Hire The Best Mobile App Developer

How to find dedicated mobile developers? The task seems to be easy, doesn't it? You just look through the job websites and hire a professional with appropriate skills. However, the reality is far from this. There are a few reasons for that:

  • in most cases, skilled software development specialists are not actively searching for a job,

  • hiring an in-house mobile development specialist requires great expenditures,

  • interviewing consists of several stages and is too time-consuming,

  • even after the job offer is sent, the best mobile apps developers you have chosen may reject it,

  • you need the probation period to make sure you have hired the right person.

Long story short, there is a possibility that you will spend more time searching for mobile app programmers than the development process will last. This is why you need to conduct a comprehensive research before you can finally hire mobile app developer.
How To Hire The Best Mobile App Developer: 3 Steps To The Desired Results

This article will provide you with the most important details on how to hire mobile app developers. We created this list to provide you with the information that you need for a better understanding of the process. So, here is a list of the three things you should be aware of at the beginning of your search:

1. The Greatest Development Locations

There is a misconception that it is easy to find a professional developer in any spot on the world map. Of course, this is not true. Mainly, there are 3 biggest locations that are full of developers looking for a job:


We are sure you have heard of the USA's IT capacities. If your business is located in the USA, it will be relatively easy for you to find a place to hire dedicated mobile developers. However, this location has one considerable disadvantage: costs. Prices for mobile development services here are the highest in the world.


LinkedIn, the famous professional network, is full of Indian developers' profiles. As the statistic shows, there are more than 300,000 software developers there. Indian IT clusters grow at a high speed. You can hire a software enthusiast from India for the lowest price, but unfortunately, you may encounter losses in the quality.

Eastern Europe

Unexpectedly, such countries as Ukraine and Poland demonstrate amazing results in the world's IT development races. Ukrainian professionals are hired by the leading companies from Western Europe, the UK, and the USA. The price-quality ratio is surprising as well! $30-$50 per hour will let you experience the seamless cooperation and the brilliant results. By the way, Ukraine is proven to be one of the best places to hire mobile developers.

2. The Most Informative Sources

Those who wonder where to find the best mobile app developers should check freelance platforms first of all. Upwork is one of the best websites where you can find candidate's profiles, check the references and even take a look at code examples. There, you can build cooperation with professionals with different levels of competence from various countries.

Additionally, you can find experienced designers at Dribble or Behance. GitHub is a great code repository. Mobile, web and desktop software developers store their development results there. However, there is one thing that should be taken into account: in most cases, you can hire only a freelance worker at these websites.

If you are planning a more stable, long-term cooperation, you should check LinkedIn in order to find a trustworthy partner - it can be just one developer or, probably, a whole software development agency. This kind of cooperation is official. It gives more guarantees and is more reliable.

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3. The Candidates Database

The next considerable thing that should not be missed is that you cannot hire a developer on the first try. This means that a candidate database with all the relevant data should be created in order to choose the best one. What details should you take into account? Here is the list:

  • both hard and soft skills,

  • years of experience,

  • portfolio,

  • references,

  • desired rates.

Each of these points makes a difference. Cool hard skills mean nothing if a person has serious troubles with communication. 4 years of experience can hardly be considered as an advantage if your potential developer was supporting one project during all this time. And of course, if the references are bad, there is nothing more to discuss with the candidate.
It is important to conduct an interview. You cannot rely on the information from the candidate's profile or CV. The only reliable option is to talk to the person and check the technical skills. In case you have no technical background, you will need some external help. A skilled mobile apps programmer would be your great support for technical interviews.

Things look different if you plan to hire a team of developers or use outstaff services. In this case, your database should include the information about the companies that may satisfy your needs. It would be useful to check their portfolio and references, as well as to compare prices.

After you find good candidates for becoming your mobile app developers, build a database, conduct all the interviews and compare the results, the right choice can be made.


Mobile app developers for hire are really hard to find. The process is pretty time-consuming. Additionally, you have to devote your skills and energy to it. In another case, you have to hire a recruiter to do this job for you. So, in the first case, you will lose time. In the second case, it will cost you money. The nice alternative is to hire mobile app development team.

If you need mobile developers for your app, our competent specialists are ready to bring your idea to life. We have years of experience in the mobile development industry (in particular, in iOS development services and in Android development services) and we love to build software solutions for different needs. Just contact us and enjoy the outcome.