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Node.js is a programming framework – basically, a JavaScript extension – which turns a narrow focus specialized JS language into multipurpose solution. Usually, Node.js is used for the backend development.

Notice that the basic engine of the discussed framework - V8 - is its crucial beneficial factor that affects the performance of applications in a most positive way. So if you are planning to create a really 'reactive' app with complex business logic, which wouldn't lag while executing it (particularly, during the processing of 'client-server' requests), Node JS would be your best choice. Moreover, due to the universal templates for realizing standard functionality, the built-in packages manager NPM allows for developers to focus their performance on the development of specific functionality and construction of a software solution first-hand. Lastly, Node.js is one of the most renowned tools employed in the API development.

Moving on, the discussed platform enables one to use the same data on different levels (provided one is working with an MVC or MVVM framework, like Express.js, Koa.js or Sails.js). This means that given framework is a perfect solution for collaborative work because it provides the capabilities for the creation of a perfectly-structured project that will eventually be easy to support and scale.

The listed advantages should be enough to answer the 'why hire Node.js developers' question and make you see how much your staff requires a dedicated specialist with high qualification. The other thing is that it isn't so simple to hire Node.js programmers. Below, we give you a list of responsibilities and requirements the potential employed specialist must meet.
How To Hire Node.js Developer: what they do

Primary responsibilities of these dedicated experts cover the organization of business logic for apps' backend. For that purpose, they employ either the renowned JS or its more specific variations, such as CoffeeScript or IcedCoffeeScript. Additionally, programmers specializing in Node.js, work through the mechanisms of apps' server part interaction with user interface.

The formulated standard list of responsibilities usually assigned to Node.js developers by IT organizations looks in the following way:

  • Node.JS programming;

  • fast & efficient analysis of client requirements;

  • server logics processing;

  • interaction with software components created by other developers;

  • implementation of interaction with database management systems & other autonomous data storages;

  • working through data protection mechanisms & the application performance;

  • optimization of app's functionality to increase its performance speed;

  • composition of a readable code that can be used for new software projects further on;

  • work in a team.

Now, a few words about the cost to hire a Node.js developer. Basically, the cost depends heavily on the experience, working conditions and potential employee's location (particularly, asking yourself: 'Where to better look for Node.js developers?', remember that the experts from Eastern Europe offer the best service price to quality ratio). According to practice, even juniors at the start of their career ask for at least 500 c.u. per month.

How to find dedicated Node.js developers: optimizing the searching process

Due to multipurposeness and power of the Node.js platform, as well as the huge popularity of JavaScript – its foundation, it's crucial during the stage of CV review and tech interview to find out whether your recruit possesses the required expert skills and experience which will help them work on the upcoming projects.
Need Node.js for your app, too? You can see the list of requirements to be met by the best Node.js developers below.

Skills & abilities of the best Node.js specialists

Apart from the traditional professional qualities of a good software developer, among which are: diploma of higher education; first-hand developer experience (necessary when you hire Senior Node developers); organized nature; good command in English, and ability to read others' code; hiring developer with Node.js experience, you also must issue the following requirements:

  • command in design patterns;

  • analytical mindset;

  • efficient logical thinking;

  • deep understanding of the object-oriented programming principles;

  • ability to implement relations between several autonomous data sources;

  • understanding of the basic principles of the reusable code building;

  • understanding of the scalable software solutions construction principles;

  • skills in writing code that can be fully covered by tests;

  • testing platforms skills;

  • separate modules integration with a solid software solution skills;

  • understanding of the software version management systems working principles;

  • understanding of the differences in mobile & desktop apps requirements;

  • command in JavaScript/CoffeeScript/IcedCoffeeScript;

  • test-driven development practice (allows reacting fast to even the most insignificant code modifications);

  • understanding of the asynchronous development specifics (in which cases it is required and in which an alternative solution can be used) as well as practical skills of the asynchronous code construction;

  • Node.js working skills (for instance, skills in Express.js, Koa.js or Sails.js; the ultimate choice depends on what your current backend-developers prefer to work with);

  • practical skills in Angular.js and/or React.js;

  • practical skills in some security management tools;

  • practical skills in SQL/NoSQL databases;

  • practical skills in Big Data;

  • practical skills in HTML5 & CSS3 technologies;

  • practical skills in cloud SDKs, such as or Office 365;

  • practical skills in AWS, Digital Ocean, Hetzner, Heroku;

  • experience in integrating web-applications with payment gateways (e.g. Stripe or Braintree & PayPal);

  • experience in creating the RESTful API.

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How to hire Node.js developers: conclusion

We haven't covered the WHOLE list of skills and expert knowledge the ideal Node.js developers for hireshould possess. Nevertheless, accordance with the above-mentioned points is kind of a guarantee of quality of Node.js development services that a potential employee must be ready to provide. We sincerely hope that the information from this article will help you make an ultimately successful decision while choosing a future employee. And, among others, our company is a great place to hire dedicated Node.js developers! Our employed specialists are extensively experienced coding connoisseurs that love helping construct new original solutions!
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