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In 2017, more than 216 million iPhones were sold. This is a huge number for the world economy and the IT industry. The number of iPhone users keeps rising every year, and this is why there is a huge demand for high-quality iOS development services.

The only thing that remains unclear is how to hire dedicated iPhone app developer. With the surprising popularity of mobile development and iOS development services, it is a great challenge to find reliable skilled employees.

However, along with that, every brilliant idea needs professionals to implement it. This rule is especially true when we are talking about mobile software solutions. Just imagine: what heights your business would reach if only a half of the iPhone users installed your app on their devices! Just think about the audience you can reach with one simple application. Definitely, your conversion rates are very likely to blow up! All you need to do to use this opportunity is to hire iOS app developer.

Although it seems totally easy to hire an amazing iOS developer, the process is complicated and is full of different pitfalls. This article provides you with the basic information you need to know about the hiring process and some great tips to make it stressless.

3 Reasons to Hire a Savvy iOS Developer

First of all, let's define 3 key reasons you need to find iOS developers:

  • Awesome Idea
As it was mentioned above, if you have a great idea and want to develop it from scratch, iOS specialists would be of great help to you.

  • Updating the Solution
If you already have an app that works but want to improve, you cannot make it all by yourself. Skilled software engineers would support you.

  • Bug Fixing Purposes
Another reason to hire dedicated iOS developer is the need to fix the bugs in the existing project.

In business relations, there are always some risks. So if your previous development partner left you without even saying goodbye, you definitely need to find someone who to trust to.

When the reasons are clear, you come to the significant question: how to find great iOS developers?
How to Hire Dedicated iOS Developer: 5 Steps for Successful Recruitment

The hiring process consists of the following 5 stages.

1. Dive Into Your Project

Let us start with something crucial: you cannot hire people to work on your project before you understand it yourself. So, start with the basics. What will your application do? How will it work? What do you want it to look like? Do you know the needs of your target audience? The more you know about these details and the situation on the market, the easier it will be to hire iPhone app developer.

2. Get Acquainted with Recruiting

Everyone knows what recruiters do, but only a few understand how exactly they do that. During this stage, you need to look for a target person actively. It is not a piece of cake: these days, recruiting is challenging.

To achieve the desired result, make a creative, clear and attractive job description. Include 4 main points into it:

  • job requirements,

  • key responsibilities,

  • benefits you offer,

  • basic information about the project.

Make the job description informative, but not too full of details. Use the most popular websites and social media to share the information about your vacancy.

However, take a note: only 13% of software developers are actively looking for a job. More than 75% are open to communication and consider job opportunities from time to time. This means your vacancy should be catchy, nice and attractive. This is one of the greatest tools you can use to hire a savvy iOS developer.

3Shortlist the Potential Colleagues

In our article, we describe the most positive scenario that may take place. So, let's imagine your job description made a lot of developers respond to it. In this case, you need to create a convenient database with all the details and analyze the resumes of the candidates.

When choosing the iOS programmers for hire, pay attention to the following details:

  • Years of Experience
A diligent junior specialist can do a lot. However, the more experience a professional has, the better solution will be built and higher quality iOS app development services will be provided overall.

  • Set of Skills
Keep in mind that we are talking about the iOS platform. So, programming languages like Objective-C and Swift are a must-have for this position.

  • Portfolio
This is a great source of information. If you cannot get the portfolio, ask for a link to the Github profile at least.

  • Recommendations
Recommendations can tell you everything from the hard skills and professionalism to soft skills, attitude to work, temperament etc.

Of course, keep in mind that the chosen candidates must meet your requirements.

4Get Ready for the Interview

Do you think that only the candidates need to prepare for the interview? Well, no. You need to do it as well. Think carefully about the stages of the interview. Define what makes a difference for you when looking for iOS developer for hire. Do you want your potential co-worker to make a test task for you? Are you able to conduct a technical interview by yourself?

During the interview, try to discover both technical background and personal qualities of the candidate. Sometimes, responsibility and persistence can do more than incredible talents.

5Make the Decision

After having a conversation with every candidate, the time to give feedback comes. Analyze the results of each interview and decide who to send the job offer. Additionally, do not forget to inform the other candidates they do not fit your position. Take care of their time and build the basis for future cooperation.

4 Pitfalls to Be Aware of

It all sounds so nice and simple, doesn't it? However, in fact, the hiring process may take months and tons of nerves. To save you from an unexpected pitfall, we have prepared the following list:

  • Candidates' Applications Are a Fairytale
As it was mentioned above, most iOS professionals already have a nice job. So, the passive search will not work.

Tip: start with the active search from the very beginning of looking for a developer.

  • Recruiting is a Hell
This process will take all your free time. Looking for iPhone developers for hire will be the only thing you will think about days and nights.

Tip: hire a skilled recruitment specialist to save time.

  • Technical Interviews Require the Presence of an Expert
If you do not have enough expertise in iOS-related technologies, you have no chances to evaluate the knowledge of your iPhone app developer for hire properly.

Tip: ask a professional mobile development guru for help.

  • High Expenses
The cost to hire an iOS developer is quite high.

Tip: outsource your project.


Considering all the troubles, time losses and budget for hiring an iOS developer, there is no better option than switching to outsourcing. A reliable software development company located in Eastern Europe will provide you with a precious opportunity to save your time, money and get a business partner for a lifetime.

So, if you are still searching for a place to hire iOS developer – just drop us a line! We know how to create the application for your success.
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