How to Hire React Native Developers

React is a JavaScript library built by Facebook and distributed under an open source license since 2013 to create user interfaces, usually for web apps. React is widespread and it solves a relatively narrow role that is interface rendering, unlike broader MVC frameworks.
React Native major advantages are obvious: it is flexible and has high efficiency, especially when dealing with rapidly changing data; React promotes writing modular, reusable code thanks to its component structure, and in particular, React Native is used for mobile platforms.

Essential Skills a React Native Developer should Possess

To recruit React Native programmers who can make a positive contribution to the dev team, you should assess if they have the requisite qualifications, both technical and personal. Let’s consider the crucial competencies for every candidate to master when applying for this role.

React Native Developer Hard Skills 
Profound JS expertise.
It’s the core point of cross-platform mobile application development, a candidate should know how to construct modules, organize the app’s functionality and features.
Knowledge of React principles.
A React Native app programmer should understand the terms of Virtual DOM, JSX, and component lifecycle.
Android and iOS development experience.
Qualified React Native programmers should have knowledge of Objective-C and Swift as well so that the app functions on various devices.
Knowledge of useful technical tools.
It will be a major benefit if a candidate is acquainted with some additional instruments like Redux, Enzyme, Hockeyapp, and so on.
Creating readable code.
The dev team should write a clear source code for you to conduct current management of the app and make further adjustments efficiently.
React Native Developer Soft Skills

When you are looking for React Native developers for hire, make certain they are skilled team players, communicators and problem-solvers. These candidates is supposed to provide constructive feedback, accept criticism, and be open-minded and enquiring individuals in general. It is essential to be confident of hiring the people that fit the culture of the company because if the team members don't understand each other, the work can hardly be efficient.
Which Companies are Using React Native?

Nowadays, development of mobile apps is a necessity for any organization that plans to permanently compete. React Native provides corporations the chance to build mobile apps in a different way than what it was feasible even ten years ago. Native applications can be now created if you stick to only one JS programming language. Let's consider several huge projects that have become very competitive with the React Native development environment.
Its Ads Manager, a convenient platform for people and organizations to manage ads, it’s created with React Native only, it’s cross-platform and when you need to advertise and date formats, it manages UI variations seamlessly.
In 2016 this resource moved to Reactive Native, its integration with the existing technology was a complicated task but now it has become possible to implement features quicker and support both IOS and Android app versions easily.
Uber Eats.
React Native provided this service with the development instruments essential for building an elegant UI, complemented by a smooth UX.
How Much does a React Native Developer Make?

React Developer is a user interface programmer applying React, a developer should know all the features of this framework, in particular:

using composition of components written by different people that will work together
creation of abstractions
availability for a wide range of programmers with different levels of expertise and skills
stability of the API, the programming interface for creating new applications
compatibility with other programming language codes
ability to plan and split up the work
comfortable development process
ability to find the error source in the code base
HTML document object model visualization - DOM
using React to build React Native mobile apps.
Another tool that such a specialist needs to master is HTML, it is a hypertext markup language for the Internet. Browsers read this language, interpret and display it as a generated document, it is necessary to structure and display it correctly for everyone on the Internet.
The associated language, CSS, aims to describe the appearance of a document written in HTML, these are cascading style sheets that infuse markup with design elements. Therefore, HTML and CSS are used together for a website layout.
Are React Native Developers in Demand?

According to The State of JS 2019 survey, which was attended by over 20,000 programmers, React leads in the category "Front-end frameworks and libraries". 71% of respondents confirmed that they used this library and would use it in the future. Since 2016, the proportion of technicians who use React and plan to use it in the future has grown from 48% to 71%.
React is the leader in popularity among front-end frameworks and libraries. React skills are a good advantage when looking for a job for both front-end and back-end specialists. And knowledge of this framework will allow candidates to qualify for React Native jobs to become classy mobile app technicians.

Benefits of Hiring Node JS Developers Through Artjoker

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We believe it is vital for the development team to be able to think creatively while designing the project. The team should have problem-solving skills, so that they can be of great help at any point in time if clients need advice to enhance their app. The company should be open to feedback and be willing to make improvements if needed.

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