Ruby on Rails or Node.JS. Who is the Leader of 2018?

The choice of a technology for app development might be one of the most important steps in the whole process of your project development. However, despite  the fact that such a choice is highly vital for your development team, your project and its future promotion, lots of beginners do not actually know the right choice to make and which platform will be better for application development. Frankly speaking, there are two popular technologies that are the most popular and widely known in the community, which are Node.js and Ruby on Rails. Thus, in today’s article, we are going to compare Node.js and ruby on rails and find out which of them is more beneficial to the users.
These two technologies are pretty similar, but at the same time they are completely different. We may argue that the only thing that makes them look  the same is the fact that they are used by  programmers to create applications. However, there are much more similarities between them, starting from the very basic foundations with even several details such as coding technologies and main functions. However, we have to admit that there are much more differences than similarities here. Without them, it will not be possible to compare Node.js and ruby on rails.

Is it really so important what you use?

To be honest, while comparing ruby on rails and Node.js , it is important to recollect in our mind another pretty violent battle in the world of technologies. It is the comparison and the rivalry between Android and Apple. Some people tend to say that the first one is better, while others are deeply convinced that the second variant is the only possible in the world. However, in that arguments and fighting, people sometimes tend to forget the factors that influence our decision , while choosing one of these platforms or technologies. Often, we make it while basing on our needs and demands, our desires and even designing preferences. So it is possible to say that both of the compared things have lots of positive aspects, which are able to satisfy the users in any case. Otherwise, one of these competitors will not exist at all. Thus, if someone claims that, for example, Node.js is better than Ruby, that person may be making a mistake because it is impossible to say so due to the orientation and the key aims of these different technologies. Anyway, let us move on and find out which is better between Node.js and ruby on rails based on the circumstances you have to make the choice.

Why to Choose Ruby on Rails?

Frankly speaking, Ruby on Rails is just an extension of the Ruby language, which was developed in 1993, while the idea of this extension was put together in 2004. In that year, when the whole world of cyber industry was still at the infant stage, the community of developers were seeking for something pretty basic and simple. This is why Ruby emerged in the market. Despite the fact that it was pretty basic and simple,  programmers all over the world had the same statement about it and were deeply convinced that such an innovation will become one of the most promising and strong projects in programming technologies ever created. That is how Ruby found its community, which is, to be honest, one of the biggest among all  the existing programming technologies. Besides, it is one of the most important positive aspects of that technology, which plays a pretty important role in your decision. on what to choose. Later, we will look at this more closely. But at the moment, let us just move on and find out which aspects of this technology might be the most beneficial for the programmers.


Any person, developer or a common user wants a technology that is free of bugs and problems, which makes the whole  development and programming process much easier and faster. Actually, quality is one of the main benefits of Ruby, which makes it different from the others. One of the main goals of the creators was to create a technology that might  get rid of all the possible problems and mistakes. That’s why an integral part of Ruby is the use of technologies like Mocking, TDD and BDD.

Time saving

It doesn't make sense for a developer to be reckless with time while developing an application. The creators of Ruby knew that really well and tried to make an application that will  save your time and, as a result,  give you the opportunity to make all  arrangements much faster. One of the main distinguishing features of Ruby is the existence of lots of built-in functions and extensions, which makes it possible for even beginners to use the technology. Also, you are  able to arrange the whole structure of an application in a much more readable manner. Finally, the use of MVC is also  beneficial. You may be able to work on a project simultaneously, delegating the duties among other developers.


You remember that a bit earlier we were discussing the benefit of a big community. Now, let us get back to it. It is not a big surprise that  developers, regardless of their experience, tend to face some problems from time to time. This is why  a community is really important. Thanks to the existence of a great group of supporters of that technology in the world, there are plenty of blogs and platforms where developers come together to discuss various problems. So, that is a great saving for the developers focused on Ruby. You can ask any question and get a correct answer, which is a great benefit for using Ruby. For instance, Ruby has up to 3,000 contributors and 35,000 stars on GitHub.

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In the world of technologies, one of the important elements is security due to the circulation of a lot of essential and private information in various lawyers of that huge world. The developers of Ruby found out pretty quickly. That is why they decided to create lots of built-in functions that allow developers to deal with the security problems on their own, implement different levels of access and so on. However, there is also another technology called Secure Development Lifecycle, which is pretty complicated to use but highly effective  if you need to secure the information you have.

Why use Node.js and what are the main benefits of it?

Node.js is a framework developed by JavaScript. Based only on that idea, we may say that it is really suitable for the creation of different mobile applications for different platforms. However, the functionality of that technology is much wider and many. For example, it can be used to design different server programmes that can help you to communicate and contact servers based on Windows, MacOS and Unix. Besides, this  technology has a pretty nice set of different positive aspects, which serve as the differences between Node.js and ruby on rails. So, let us move on and get a bit closer to this very concept.


While talking about Node.js pros and cons, we have to keep in mind that this aspect might be the most important in the whole technology. For any developer, as well as  any person, time is money, which is why it is really important to have a platform that will work without any bugs, errors and speed limits. So, the developers from JS did their best to achieve the most important goals. So they decided to power the whole platform with Google V8, which not only made it much faster but also improved the clarity of the code.

Opportunity to share a code

For any programmer, it feels really nice  to be able to separate their duties from that of the others. So, Node.JS gives you such  opportunity. Thanks to the simplicity of the background structure of the platform, it became possible for  developers to launch  techniques and strategies that allow you to develop the key parts of an app simultaneously. These techniques are called NPM packages.

Data Streaming

If you are developing an application, one of the most important things is to be able to stream the data in order to make the development process faster and easier. Thanks to the technological achievements of JS, you can now do this. Because of the increased speed, the processing of files and key elements has become faster and  simpler, which improved almost every aspect of the platform.


If you are using Node.js, data streaming is not the only benefit. Thanks to the server opportunities and functions, you can arrange proxy servers as well, which will make the development process faster and simpler. As a result, you can save  time and money. Moreover, such an important thing as communication might also be possible on a new level. Thanks to the better links and technological features, it has become easier to arrange contacts with other developers and programmers.

Other Positive Aspects

To be honest, there are also several pretty important additional aspects of the use of Node.JS. First of all, it is pretty powerful, which makes it possible to arrange different pretty complicated and big projects with the help of the JS tool. Then, it is demanded and popular among developers, so there are lots of extensions and some additional software for your Node framework, which makes it not only easier to develop but it also deals with different problems and complications. Finally, the simplicity of monitoring is also a pretty nice feature.

So, is Node.js better than ruby on rails?

All in all, I would like to say that such a question is pretty wrong. You have seen that each of the competitors has its own benefits and drawbacks,which make them popular or not among  developers. However, the decision on whether to use them or not depends on you. The only thing  I can say is that Ruby is not really good for the development of big and massive projects. But if you want to start a project using Node.js., it will be difficult to find really good programmers  because they are scarce in the market. So, I wish you all the best and great success in your future projects.