How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Taxi App Like Uber?

Common Taxi service start to lose their priority and popularity more and more rapidly in the market. Nowadays, people may not even be able to remember, when was the last time they used a traditional taxi company. So, you may have a pretty logical question, wheat led to such a radical reduction in the usage of taxi services? The answer is simple. Such a crisis was caused by the creation of a new mean of a taxi company, which was cheaper, much more convenient and faster. From the moment of the birth of the Uber company, you may be able to find a taxi only with the usage of your smartphone and even not the best Internet connection. So during the last several years taxi mobile app development technologies become more and more priorities, comparing to classic taxi companies. Of course, it is pretty difficult to make any predictions and say, that a classical type of a taxi company is dead, but it is obvious, that Uber is a strong competitor for those corporations, which have emerged much earlier before the day, when the Internet became common.
This situation could be instrumental if you want to start a new business but still haven't decided what niche to choose. So it is high time to think about taxi business, figure out how much does it cost to build an app like uber, and the opportunities it can bring you – launching branded Uber-like taxi booking startup, pushing the existing business with auto and manual dispatch management, and even providing business traveling. Sounds great, right? As you can see, such mobile product is a must-have for growing a biz nowadays.
Let's talk here about the uber app development cost and its most popular types, and then figure out Uber app specialities and discuss features that are a must to include in a high-top taxi app. Finally, we have to keep in mind, that there are lots of different pretty contrasting with each other features within uber like taxi app development, which you have to keep in mind while calculating the cost to build an app like uber.

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How much does an Uber cost? Solutions and features that will exactly suit your business

The total timeline for developing the simplest version of an app like Uber at Artjoker is next:
iOS version – approximately 142-168 hours
Android version – approximately 142-168 hours
Web development (server side) – approximately 84-108 hours
You can conclude that the total time might be from 368-444 hours, including the planning stage, design, MVP development, and testing processes.
So, downstream, you may be able to see, which aspects and features influence on the final price of the creation of a taxi application similar to Uber. Moreover, you may be able to figure out, what are the most appropriate methods, which you may operate with in order to get the best return and final be able to obtain proper revenues, which are going to be higher than those money, which have been spent on the development itself.

A taxi booking app as a part of existing taxi business

Such type of  taxi app perfectly suits an already existing taxi businesses. It looks like a useful extension of any business, whether it is large, medium, or small. With the app, it is much more comfortable to book a ride for clients and expand the customer base for a taxi company as well. Besides, such a corporate app makes life easier for drivers too – no more annoying calls from service managers, but just notifications and pop-up messages within the service apps like uber. As you understand, this is a turnkey solution if you have just started a new travel or travel business.
In addition to the client app, a mobile solution for an existing taxi service also needs a server software to be developed to work with ride requests and check-out if taxi cabs are to get  to the client's location in the shortest possible time.
Anyway, not to scare you beforehand, you don’t need any extra hardware or equipment. All you need to manage a taxi business is a smartphone and a PC with internet connection. The app will be developed on the basis of your business needs and requirements so that it will include the most flexible login options for you.

How to build an app like Uber - an App-as-a-Service

Another way to manage the creation of the apps like uber is to provide taxi drivers with a mobile booking solution – an option that is used by Uber. You can have no cars at all, but it is still possible to enter the taxi market. Are you asking how to create an app like Uber  this way?
That is actually a pretty simple and interesting solution to deal with the choice of the best taxi services. Why not to arrange an app, where you will be able to see lots of popular agencies and the exact prices. So, clients will be able to pick the best one for them. of The solution doesn't require a server software, but you should monitor the app's information on taxi services in order to keep all the price changes updated. As a result, while dealing with how much to develop an app like uber may cost, you have to keep in mind the the highlighted aspects.
Another solution looks similar to Uber client. You have to hire taxi app developers because it is much more complex compared to the previous one, but additional features will allow you to widen your target audience. Here, you have to find a team of app specialists for backend and frontend development, as the Uber-like app will need a server. Next step will be to establish partnerships with existing  taxi businesses or individual taxi drivers. This is a dry fact - you will need an operating force to drive your taxi business to success.
Next step of a taxi booking app development will be to design an application with two interfaces – one for users and another for taxi drivers. How does such an application actually work? Using GPS data, a server checks where a user that ordered a taxi is located at that moment and then notifies the nearest driver about the order.
As we may notice, for the last version, there is a great need of taxi app developers for hire. However, any job has to be done in a proper way, while there is no other option in case if you talk about such a thing as Uber.

Uber-like taxi app: what it should consist of?

Before you start to create a mobile app for taxi booking, you should think over not only the technologies to implement. The first thing to consider is features the app users and drivers might benefit from. Uber is customer-oriented – wherever a client is, there is always  an Uber driver who can take him/her to any place. Want the same? So make an app like uber convenient, reliable, and professional.
After you define the app's value, let's talk about the features that are a must ifyou want to get to  your target users.

So what exactly makes Uber clone convenient, reliable, and professional?

You might need the help of an experienced taxi app development company to put all your ideas into great result. Once you have chosen a company/contractor, discuss the development of the following features:
1. Registration
Registration of taxi riders can  easily be done via their smartphone app. If you are a driver, you can get to the platform directly from the mobile app for taxi service, but be prepared to wait for the admin to approve your profile.
2. Location tracking and built-in maps
Even if you aren't using the app at the moment, GPS still works. That  way, Uber tracks your location to find the nearest driver as quickly as possible once you order a taxi. When integrating this feature to your app, don't forget to ask users for permission to share their location data.
While your taxi app like Uber is just a local product, you don't need global location services. The best solution for you will be Google Maps, because there is nothing better than Google Maps anyway. Let me explain how an online map works. The program includes a flattened representation of the place  a user is. He/she determines the coordinates he/she wants a cab to come to, then these coordinates are translated into a readable address by Google's GSMGeocoder service. While, trying to adopt that particular function you have to keep in mind the idea of pricing. Why so? The answer is pretty simple and quite common. The main issue is the fact, that in order to operate with Google Geocoder for free, it is highly vital to count the number of possible requests just due to the fact, that those, which are allowed for free are strictly limited.

3. Integration of payment system
I believe, that ny of those, who have ever used different application, where you need to pay for some services have faced a problem of the absence of an opportunity to pay by card. However, in case of the usage of such an option you are able to arrange a choice for the users, who may be able to pay by cash as well as by card, what is highly comfortable in the modern world, when people tend to use cash less and less frequently. So, that is a pretty nice system to implement a much more loyal system, what later may lead to certain nice outcomes. Moreover, it is possible to arrange the registration of the card directly by the driver in the car. That is actually a really nice idea to use such a platform as Stream, which will allow you to proceed all of the needed financial operations.To be honest, that API is a really useful and pretty interesting thing in case if you are willing to achieve several goals at a time. For instance, in case if there is a desire to find out how to make an app like uber the payment process much easier not only for the customer but also for the driver and when there is a need of the increased security. And, if, while talking about money, we automatically think about security, sometimes, Stripe is the best tool, which allow the developer to achieve the most essential goals.
4. Information about a cab driver and review system
Why should a review system  be integrated in your taxi booking app? Both riders and drivers should have the opportunity to learn more about each other. A rating system keeps them secure and helps  match drivers with passengers better in order to avoid negative situations. Thus, in case id we talk about a journey, it will be a really good idea to be able to give the user an opportunity to evaluate how it was. Actually, it is not only an opportunity for the head manager to monitor the quality of the services, offered by the drivers but also an opportunity to see, how the system works itself. So, that may a be a good deal, when we need to kill two birds with one stone.
5. Fare calculation
When we talk about the final price of the Uber trip, it is essential to keep in mind, that the cost of a journey may depend on four key aspects.They actually are: base fee, just a formal payment, which may depend on an area, where you need to go, the, there goes a cost per minute and a cost per mile, which are the most essential aspects. Finally, there is also a booking fee, what is also just a cheap formality but still is included in a price. At first  you might think that it is too much money to pay for just one ride. Please, relax, the price is just the same as if a user is taking a traditional taxi cab. Keep in mind that you should submit to the user the price details of the ride before the cab arrives in order to avoid misunderstandings between the customer and the driver.

If you still have questions about how to build a mobile taxi app, contact us to get full review of taxi app development cost.

Before bringing your taxi app idea into life, keep in mind  of existing Uber-like apps that have already gotten  thousands of fans. Don’t forget to fill your competitor audit list with such top apps as Lyft, GrabTaxi, Ola Cabs, Hailo, and EasyTaxi in order to consider the features that are essential  for sure. We are open to customizing the idea of your app to best fit your needs. Every feature could be discussed and looked into in order to make your product exclusive on the app market so you can easily win  users’ hearts. Your success is just a matter of time, so keep dreaming and inventing, and Artjoker will help you turn your expectations into results that do work!