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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Case: Privat Bot

Automation and optimization are the two main tendencies that guide developers to design bots. The basic idea is next: created on the messenger's platform “smart” interface and has access to server's functionality and responds to user's inquiries.

To launch the program you have to download Telegram app (Play Market, App Store), find a bot in a search bar and start chatting by using commands. Such format opens many ways for a business to meet goals, thereby saving time and costs. That was also the way we created PrivatBank bot for the popular Telegram messenger.

Our goals were:

  • to create a bot that reports the closest PrivatBank's departments, ATMs, terminals, and Bonus+ shops
  • to display the exchange rate
  • to implement an information service, setting up accessibility settings as a matter of user's convenience
  • to make available all the bank information and news to users

The result is next:

On the base of open PrivatBank API, we used Telegram platform to develop a bot that successfully copes with all the goals and ensures smooth man-service interaction. Apart from the mobile version, the desktop and web versions are also available.

Case: Privat Bot

Bot's functionality:

  • automatic registration of a user in the base; anyway, he is available to rate the bot or even leave the chat;
  • daily automatic updating of exchange rate in the database + benchmarking against last rate (PrivatBank and NBU) that notifies one at a certain time;
  • daily automatic multilingual updating of bank news in the database (webpages parsing)
  • daily automatic updating of location bases (bank departments, ATMs, terminals, offices, and Bonus+ shops), determining geographic location (Google Maps API, Yandex Maps API) and showing nearest PrivatBank affiliates through the use of coordinates;
  • Keeping on-demand statistics and bot's functions using Yandex Metrica;
  • Support of 3 languages (English, Russian, Ukrainian) and possibility to change them (in settings);
  • clear and eye-catching interface created with the help of Emoji.

How does it work? (Technical aspect)

Bot is connected to the Node.js server with the use of a variety of modules and ES6 syntax that ensures asynchronous requests. As a data base we chose MongoDB (MongoLab service), and Azure Cloud hosting was perfect for the trouble-free operation.

The result:

PrivatBank Telegram Bot – is an easy-to-use and handy bot developed specially to help clients ask questions and get answers they need. At this time, this is an unofficial bot. But owing to similar technology, every company can resolve complaint/issues, notify about changes, and learn more about their clients.

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