BY 177% IN 4 MONTHS.


To promote the site from scratch, as the domain was not spammed and completely new.
Gain brand awareness in the market.
Attract conversion traffic to the site and increase the number of transactions.
The subject of food delivery is quite popular and competitive in Ukraine. What are only brands Mafia or Sushiya, food ordering service - But we managed to find such a way of promotion that allowed us to bring the site to the TOP-10, both in Russian-language semantics and in Ukrainian.

Service: SEO Promotion.

Topic: food delivery (sushi, rolls, pizza, etc.)

Promotion Region: Vinnitsa.


Spent on links for 4 months of promotion: 600$

Domain Name: Young without trust.

Initial information:

The new domain was promoted. Since the site was under development, we thought through the structure step by step, selected sections and filters, and also worked on UX for convenient ordering from mobile devices. High-quality and fast development, competently completed technical specifications from a seo-specialist made it possible to quickly realize the website and begin its promotion.

Promotion strategy
Optimization of the entire website immediately for 2 languages and all the main semantics
Checking the site for compliance with all the latest SEO-requirements and making additional changes after development
Since the competition in the Russian-language segment is higher, our team of specialists created two cuts of positions - for Russian keys and for Ukrainian.

The goals of the client were achieved thanks to:
Filling all categories with texts
Internal linking from category pages by brand request to the home page
Crowd marketing
The purchase of quality links on article exchanges to quickly raise a trust by Ahrefs
Thanks to the right strategy, namely the priority in promoting the Ukrainian version of the site, it was possible to give the client a quick payback, while Russian requests would not rise in 2 months.

Soon after the growth of the trust of the domain in the TOP-10, Russian requests also loaded.

For such a short period, it was possible to derive high-frequency queries in the TOP-10 on Ukrainian semantics.

First stage result
Russian semantics where competition is higher:
We worked on the site so that it left Google's sandbox and immediately entered the TOP-10
At the next stage, our team continued the planned work to increase traffic. We paid special attention to raising the domain rating and leaving the site from the Google sandbox.
Domain rating (DR) is an important indicator for promotion. If a site has a high domain rating, then it means quality sites link to it, and Google's trust is growing.
The Google Sandbox is a filter for young sites to fall under. Their pages do not appear in the results, and they themselves are not in the search line by entering the address of the resource.
Increased domain rating from 0 to 10, DR = 10
Due to the fact that our experts correctly selected the strategy and promotion tools, we were able to achieve the results set by the client

Increased the number of transactions by 466% on free traffic for 4 months
Serpstat project visibility increased
Serpstat traffic growth dynamics
Serpstat traffic growth
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