About the project
  • Service: SEO promotion
  • Subject: online store of books of one of the largest publishing houses in Ukraine.
  • Region for promotion: Ukraine
  • CMS: Bitrix
  • Domain name: with history, domain registered since 2004, website functioning since 2011
  • The main competitors -,,,
Transfer the site to the main domain and connect https with minimal loss of traffic and positions.
To optimize the site pages for promotion.
Get the first position in the top issue for priority products and series of books.
Attract conversion traffic to the site and increase the number of transactions.
The website of the online store was outdated and was developed without the help of a seo-specialist. Together with the client, we decided to develop a new online store with a structure change to Bitrix CMS and a design update.
Project challenge:
Most of the books, as well as the site, are published in Ukrainian. The presented products are also available in other online bookstores. The challenge for us was that the dealers were a little more popular on the Internet than the book maker, and some positions moved hard even according to brand requests. Descriptions and annotations of published books are presented on more trust book online stores. To make product cards unique, it was decided to add the "Reviews" block.
Content for the categories and subcategories was written by copywriters on the part of the customer, since it was necessary to preserve the stylistic style of the articles. All texts were ready after 7 months.
Promotion strategy
First stage
Our team of experts made an audit of the test domain for compliance with SEO-requirements, since many factors affecting further promotion were not taken into account during development. We identified problems and errors, for the elimination of which we made a technical task, also issued recommendations for improving usability.
Work at the first stage:
eliminated duplicate site pages (case insensitive URLs and duplicate slashes in URLs), glued "mirrors", set canonical pages (adding attributes rel = "canonical")
changed the nesting of url addresses, led to shorter urls and implemented the correct structure of url formation
implemented the possibility of optimizing filter pages for series of books and authors in view of the availability of query and frequency of key phrases, and also introduced template design for filtering pages
eliminated 404 broken links (1567 pages found) and eliminated links with a 3x response code in the site code - replaced with actual pages
solved problems with circular links
created and formed xml and html sitemaps
solved problems with displaying content on a page, eliminated a hidden block with content
implemented micro-layout (structured data) on the site pages (Webpage, Product, Breadcrumb, Organization, Open Graph)
increased the speed of loading the site and adaptive version
organized a move to the secure https protocol
The participation of a seo-specialist at the stage of site design and development is necessary to take into account all the requirements at the initial stage and speed up the process of launching work and promotion.

At this stage, we have achieved the goals of the client:
Saved the existing traffic and keyword positions when moving the site due to the correct collection and configuration of redirects from the old site structure to the new one;
Optimized page by page to promote categories and subcategories on the site;
Eliminated technical problems regarding functional performance and compliance with the requirements of search engines on a test domain. Thus, the transfer to the working domain occurred without losses and there were no critical problems that could prevent the search engines from indexing correctly.
First Stage Result April 2018-May 2018
Thanks to the right strategy, the transfer of the site to the working domain and further indexing was successful. Within a month, key phrases with positive growth dynamics were recorded.

Work in the second stage of promotion

At the next stage, our team proposed to implement the Russian version of the site. This step is necessary due to the presence of greater demand for key phrases and based on analytics data that demonstrated the presence of a Russian-speaking audience.
In order to expand the semantics and increase the targeted traffic to the site, we installed "Smart Filter SEO" on the site. This is a module that has the ability to work with filter pages, with it you can individually control page indexing, meta tags, content block on each filter page.
In this process, we faced a challenge: the names of Ukrainian books cannot be indicated in Russian. When introducing the Russian version of the site due to automatic translation, it was necessary to manually edit the names of all books and rewrite them into Ukrainian
We`ve increased domain performance for ahrefs DR = 26
We`ve compiled a link strategy in compliance with the growth dynamics of new domains and links
A total of 36550.68 UAH (approximately 1 400 $) were spent on links for the year.
Due to the fact that our experts correctly selected the strategy and promotion tools, we were able to achieve the results set by the client:

Reached 90% in the top 10 on the approved semantics for March-June 2019.

Comparison of analytics data for May 2018 and May 2019 - the number of sessions has doubled
Serpstat project visibility increased
Serpstat traffic growth dynamics
Serpstat Keyword Growth
Our team managed to overcome the challenges and find creative solutions to achieve the goals of the client.
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