Create online shop with minimalistic web design for paying attention to brand product line.
Create technical specifications and mockups
Create a unique web design
Implement adaptive markup
We`ve emphasized on web design trend - lightness and simplicity. At the development stage, we realized that for the web design of this project, more "air" is needed. It means to add free space in the site structure to show tenderness, excitement and airiness.
Lightness and elegance. Our team has created a web-design that allows users to literally soar between the presented perfumes. Indeed, the main task was to visually convey the association of lightness and elegance.
Simple navigation. Continuing the trend of freedom, navigation on the site was made simple and understandable so that customers could easily find the necessary flavor and make a purchase.
Quality content. This is what differs this web site from the others. Through the content, we want to show people that among the everyday routine there is a splash and emotion that makes life brighter; that every day can be a new exciting experience that will make you who you really are. And aromas of ESSE can help with this.
Adaptive design. About 75% of online purchases are made using mobile devices. To make it easy for Internet users to buy fragrances on this site, we adapted it for various types of devices.
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