Opti is a web and mobile taxi service in Kiev, Dnipro and other cities of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. Opti is always on the client side, joy and movement. They move forward every minute and inspire others to do the same. Opti's voice is simple, clean, warm and inspiring.
Home page
The main page displays the basic idea of Opti - the movement is inspiring. We filled it with information that reflects the image and philosophy of the company. Also, they added an important block - how to join the company team.
Online order
Functionality for ordering a car was conveniently developed in the app. After ordering, it is possible to look through the driver`s profile.
Personal account
We created a convenient personal account in which the user can view travel history, select credit card for payment. Also, in order to simplify interaction with the application, we implemented "return addresses" - the user can save the address of the house or office so that when ordering a taxi, he can select it, and not enter it again each time.
Driver registration
A separate page has been developed for the driver with detailed information on how to become the part of the OptiTaxi team. For convenience, we placed the registration form at the top of the page. This page displays the values and image of OptiTaxi as an employer
News and promotions
Separately implemented a page with current promotions and articles.
Mobile version
The mobile version is as easy to use as the website.