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Natalya Brinza Project Manager


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Website catalog
  • 1Improvements on the current markup
  • 2Implementation of a new CMS – MODx
  • 3Developed customized function set for a service
  • 4Restaurant search by selected user's criteria
  • 5Integration with social networks
  • 6Website signing up with Facebook
  • 7Capability to create website cards of FREE and PAID versions
  • 8Capability to form several types of restaurant menu
  • 9Option to search by restaurant hash tags

We have developed resource for restaurant search according to an individual client's request (geolocation, type of cuisine, availability of facilities).

This resource is also useful for restaurant owners where they can post information about the restaurant, and to represent it on the web. The better card restaurant is filled in the more visitors' trust it will cause.

Social activity within the restaurant card allows improving restaurant service (feedbacks, sharing with social neworks, an option of image downloading)