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Natalya Brinza Project Manager
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  • 1 To develop a convenient and selling online-store for fashionable young people in Ukraine and abroad
  • 2 To create a modern resource in accordance with the latest web-design trends
  • 3To integrate with social networks
  • 4To form an easy and understandable mechanism of product sale.

Either our team or a client has put it's heart into this website, he treated attentively all the trifles and literally give us his vision. Main website trick – its simplicity and clarity for users. A homepage is absolutely atypical for Ukrainian web, but there are the latest trends — big, qualitative images and enormous fonts. Having visited online-store you estimate at once the range variety and extraordinariness of prints. Each of sexy sweaters — an exclusive item in your set of clothes. New garments ( shirts, skirt, leggins) also attract by their interesting prints.