The marketplace for renting different tools and equipment in Ukraine

Create a platform for renting tools. The owner can give his tools in rent, and the user can rent the necessary device
Develop an MVP version of marketplace
Develop an opportunity to rent and lease tools
Make integration with a payment service
Introduce the ability to view the location of the lessor on a map
Develop a convenient administrative panel
Optimize the site for SEO
Quick access to categories
We have developed a convenient home page with tool categories
Search on the map
Implemented a map for easy search of the required tool nearby
Detailed filtering
We created a detailed filtering that allows you to quickly select the right tool
Product Page
We developed a clear product card. You can also add the tool to your favorites
Ordering a tool for the right date
Implemented additional functionality for premium clients
Personal account
Developed a personal account that allows you to compile lists of selected ads and communicate between tenants and landlords
Adaptive design
We focused on adaptive design specifically
Inspired by the idea and implemented a full-fledged marketplace, which is gaining popularity in all cities of Ukraine