To create a mobile app for iOS and Android that is to ensure user's safety in the web
To launch the project as quickly as possible, and develop all the potential functionality in a progressive way.
To propose and implement an optimal monetization method.
VPN TRUE has been developed specially for a worldwide client server base. Its function is to protect from hack attacks, DPI, and corporate data control systems. Owing to a variety of additional pros, your personal data is more than in a safety. Stable and fast server work without traffic limitation, the opportunity to choose server according to your interests with no need to sign up. And all is for free!

The process of development was flexible and quick, we were ready to do a start launch on 10 servers soon. In three weeks we extended additional functionality and increased the number of servers to 50. Now VPN TRUE has free and advanced versions. In the last one, you can choose any server, disable an advertisement or have a 24/7 connection with a customer support manager. The cross-platform application with responsive design is a great choice for those who value own safety and don't appropriate web limitations.

Links to download: