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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

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Promo Site

We've created an interactive website, where a user is able to accept eco-challenge and take part in an SUNINBEV's contest.

To visualize brand's “eco-push” we've designed
contemporary-styled florid promo-site.
Terms Of Special

Catchy light-ground infographics easily explains terms of special, and social media widgets make possible sharing information.

Accepting The Challenge

The participants of eco-challenge are offered to do some acts to contribute in protecting the ecosystem. To become a vegetarian, use eco dust-removers, and even stop shaving :-) Citing contest initiators: “Sometimes even small deeds matter. Let's help nature, and do something we will be proud of.”

Interactive Map

The greatest site's feature is an interactive map of Ukraine, that shows the geographical position and photos of all the people risked to accept eco-challenge. The more good deeds a participant does, the bigger is his photo on the map and higher chance to win the prize.