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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

10 Best Series for Startupers

We have recently told you about 10 coolest series for business. It’s time to not only update it but to change the theme a little bit. So, let me introduce you to TOP 10 series for startupers. The 3 main themes of this list is to get inspired, learn something new and laugh. Here is its recipe: I took a few series only about startups, added comedies to them, watered it down with dramas about genius men and summed it up with the final flourish - “to think” series. If you like this formula, keep on reading.

1 “Silicon Valley”

How much: 4 seasons, 2014-…

5 really smart guys gathered under one roof to make something cool and they failed. They failed one time, two, a hundred, but you still continue watching with growing interest. What makes everyone to turn to a new episode every time the old one ends? I think it is a mix of geeks, black humour and startups. By the way, “Silicon Valley” has true-to-life facts about startup creation, like investors’ finding, troubles at presentation and constant search of new ideas and solutions. Yeah, this series may at first seem drugged out, but then it turns out like a special feature.

To watch: everybody who wants to connect his life with startups or empathize a little bit.

2 “The Men Who Built America”

How much: 1 season, 2012.

Do you want to open your startup? Then you definitely should know stories of the first Great entrepreneurs - Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Morgan. It is a documentary, so the veracity of facts and the currency of reality are guaranteed. World’s first startupers will reveal their secrets of success and advice what one should do and what one shouldn’t. But you better listen carefully.

To watch: everybody who wants to see the backstage of the first trade empires creation.

3 “Halt and Catch Fire”

How much: 4 seasons, 2014-2017.

It was the 1980s, and the digital era had just started. The channel that created “Breaking Bad”, “Walking Dead” and “Mad Men” didn’t disappoint us and created ideal and accurate atmosphere. It is improved by vivid characters, like the one played by Lee Payne. And isn’t it interesting to watch how people used to live without smartphones, laptops and ipads?

To watch: IT lovers (especially those, who admire computers) and drama fans.

4 “American Genius”

How much: 1 season, 2015.

It is actually a genius documentary series, because it has lots of facts about widely known inventors and even more pieces of advice for startup beginners. If after watching an episode, you wouldn’t want to invent something new, or to start your own business or even improve that idea of “smart juice maker,” then it is clear that something wrong is with you.

To watch: everybody who wants to know more about inventors or to invent something new.

5 “The Young Pope + “The Crown”

How much: 1 season, 2016 and 2 seasons, 2016-…

I combined these two series because in my opinion they have the same aim - to tell about great religious and political figures and to inspire you to achievenew things. Both Pius XIII and Elizabeth II (played really good) at one time got a lot of power, and they had to hold this power. But since they are also humans, as we all are, they have whims, desires, and temptations.

To watch: everyone who wants to achieve something great, knowing that “greatness” won’t come from itself.

6 “The IT Crowd”

How much: 5 seasons, 2006-2013.

It’s comedy on the edge of the fall, attached to IT sphere and filled with lots of specific jokes. There won’t be cool examples of genius men, vice versa - there is a lot of usual guys from technical support fails. But this makes it the charm of the series. You should watch it when you're feeling really sad and want to wind down, or just to understand that everybody sometimes fail, not just you.

To watch: for the portion of great english humour by guys-developers.

7 “Boardwalk Empire”

How much: 5 seasons, 2010-2014.

One more series about America at the beginning of the 20th centuries. But there will not be Rockefeller or Ford’s secrets. This is the story of a true gangster, Nucky Thompson, that is similar to Frank Underwood in my opinion. They both, may be not by fair means, achieve their goals, stick at nothing and work without rest. And Skorsese in the list of directors ensures perfectly conveyed atmosphere of the story saturation. Last season, of course, is a little pumped up, but overall it is a worthy replacement of "Godfather."

To watch: for self-assurance and for whap on the butt.

8 “Rome”

How much: 2 seasons, 2005-2007.

Who can better inspire for new victories than one of the first world’s conquerors? Julius Caesar is a genius commander, so if you are going to become a startuper his ruling secrets can be very handy. Ancient Rome displayed accurate, except lack of big battles and scenes of war. But there is a lot of motivation and commitment to succeed instead.

To watch: for historical note and a great role model.

9 “Startupland”

How much: 6 parts, 1 season, 2014 - …

A great six-part documentary series about 5 true-to-fact stories of startup creation. CEOs of RidePost, SnobSwap, Trendpo, LegCyte and The Trip Tribe develop their businesses from the idea to product launch. I highly recommend this series for any beginner entrepreneur for better understanding of how the startup lifecycle works.

To watch: every startuper that has just decided to begin his project.

10 “Black Mirror”

How much: 4 seasons, 2011-…

I think that everyone who has heard about “Black mirror” loved it or hated it. There are no connection between episodes, so you can watch in any order. Only one thing in that series has it related to the IT sphere. The show leaves you with a dual impression: it is simple and brilliant, and it is truly frightening. Also, you can pick up some ideas for startups, but whether you do it or not, I do not know.

To watch: for impression and a fresh approach to IT.

That was the best series for startupers.You can also find cool TOPs there:

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