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How to Improve User Engagement and Acquisition for Startups?


How to Improve User Engagement and Acquisition for Startups?

Creation of a website has become one of the most popular ways to make your own business, become famous or just earn money. That process is pretty complicated and for the beginners it is really vital to know all of the nuances and different special aspects, which have a great influence on each of the important step, which is going to be made. Despite of the fact, that such things as programming creation of a proper design, development of good MSC and other things are highly important all of them could be organised in a one giant group of the creation of a strong user community, what for a good website, regardless its key topic, is the main thing to achieve. As usually primary designers, businessmen and developers tend to make lots of mistakes, while doing their job here. Thus, in that article we are willing to enlighten such an important issue on how to increase user engagement and make your website really popular.

As I have already highlighted the creation of a good application engagement we have to take into consideration various really important or even fundamental things, which dramatically influence various aspects of your web resource. So, here in a pretty massive article we are going to give some words on all of those aspects and features, which tend to play a key role in the choice of the methods to increase user engagement. Moreover, it depends on various absolutely different circumstances, from a programming language, which you choose to those designing techniques, which you are going to implement and even a place where are you going to outsource your website. However, the most vital thing here is your focus audience for which your website was developed. Oka, let us stop talking on minor stuffs and go straight forward to the description of those prominent ways to increase app engagement which are going to help you in your pretty challenging and complicated task.

How to measure user engagement

Are your users all the same?

Maybe such a question can sound pretty strangely, but anyway it is really important for the understanding of all of the key points of the creation a good level of the users’ engagement within your resource. So, let me now describe what are the main ways of the separation of the whole group of your website. Thus, all of them could be separated on six main levels of engagement, which are:

  • Level 1: Visitor;

  • Level 2: Prospect;

  • Level 3: Active User;

  • Level 4: Customer;

  • Level 5: Active Customer;

  • Level 6:  Loyal Customer;

And now I am willing to describe all of the key distinguishing of each of these levels.

1 Visitor

This level is the most beginning one, where a users is just visiting your website for the first time or launching an application. This type of a user is one, which acts as the main aim for your user engagement strategy. That level also means, that the visitor does not know actually a lot about your website and everything there is new for him. Due to this, the key goal for you might be the creation of such an atmosphere, that will allow him or her to have a feeling of comfort and clearness, while being on your website. Furthermore, these visitors may be those people, who has the lowest resistance to all the advertisements and offers, what makes them pretty good targets for your user engagement campaign.

3 Prospect

Prospect user is a more advanced level of the visitor engagement, which means, that that particular person is not new for your website. It also means, that a user is able to express enough interest to your web resource and is able to orientate easily within it. Moreover, these users may need a first value delivery, what also means, that he or she is not a random person for your site.

2 Active User

Moving forward we have a new level of those people, who are ready to look for some goods on your site and buy them, so, these people are already the potential customers, who are willing to give you their money. Frankly speaking that is an approximate type of a users, which you need for a successful development of your website, app or anything else, what you are making. Besides, we also have to mention, that  these customers obtain the first value, so they are much more prioritised.

4 Customer

That level mens, that a person, which equals its demands is a 100% customer, who is paying for the services, which you offer to he or she. Thus, you may be pretty sure, that in case if you make everything really nice for that type of a visitor, he will be back and bring even more money to your company.Furthermore, such customers are even more prioritised for the developers because of the fact, that the require active and non-stop tracking.

5 Active Customer

That is a pre-last level, and here we will be already able to say, that this person has one of the dominating position in the whole community of the customers of your website or application. So, it might be called the idealistic example of, which you ought to have on your website all the time. But idealism is not always really good. To be honest, in case if the customer could be ranked according to the fifth level it means, that he or she is a regular visitor of the website, what means, that a user is also a regular customer. Moreover, we may argue, that he also receives value.

6 Loyal Customer

That level is the highest one, what means, that this customer could be the most faithful visitor of your web resource. It is so because of the fact, that that person is not only a regular visitor of the website, but also  regular buyer and a person who takes part in various special propositions and offers, what makes him much more prioritised than others. That person also provides referral and is signed for a numerous number of additional features.

In that part of an article you may see how various could be the community of the users on your website and which are those core categories of them, who are visiting the resource. This knowledge may be the most basic one and the most important for the creation of a user acquisition strategy for apps and sites. Besides, we have to remember, that it is actually not the end for the whole project and those operations, which are needed to arrange. Despite of the importance of the theoretical knowledges you have to know how to get this data and which technologies have to be used for a successful technological acquisition and engagement for startups. Furthermore, one of the the main problems here is the fact, that people usually tend to visit your website only once, what usually do not bring good results.

User Acquisition and Engagement for startups

How to build user engagement strategy and which tools to choose

In that passage we are going to examine key user engagement strategies, which usually tend to help you to improve the level of popularity of your resource among the users and the visitors of your website, while making it much more popular. Furthermore, thanks to them you might be able to create a certain community of the fans of yo site. As you may know, usually the level of the reliability of a resource, software or website is usually measured through the existence of a really big community of fans, what means, that this business has a potential to develop and enough financial support to arrange new functions, settings and updates. So, downstream you may see several really important strategies, which may allow you to organise the mobile app user engagement strategy in a proper way.

Define your audience

The choice of your audience is one of the most essential thing to do to arrange a proper user attrection campaign for your website. It is so because of the fact, that you need to know on which people are you going to be focused. While considering the issue of an audience there is a great need to remember, that it may be separated on two different groups. The first one is an ideal group, while the second one is a current group. The term of an ideal group means an audience, which may be perfect for the development of the website. They are people with almost all the same tastes and desires. Furthermore, they really know what they want from the site. In case if you are interested in how to measure user engagement, the best decision may be to use such platforms as Alexa from Amazon or, for instance, Google Analytics.

Remember about the importance of the first impression

While thinking on mobile app engagement strategies, keep in mind, that one of the most important ones is the creation of a really good and pretty simple design, which may be able to become a balanced feature of the website. However, you have to remember, that while creating an CRM there is no need to arrange a perfect UI due to the fact, that it will only damage the whole atmosphere of the basic shape of the web page. Moreover, there is also another pretty important aspect, such as the usability. In case of the discussions of the designing features it is the number one priority, which has to be considered. Besides, let me also make an emphasis, that from the simplicity and the intuitiveness of the design depends directly the level of the user engagement. That is all because of the fact, that in case if it is a pleasure to use the web page people may want to get back to it and use it more and more. Maybe it sounds not really reliable, but believe me, that it is true and the designing features play a highly vital role in the process of the website popularisation.

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Creation of a Landing Page

Landing page is pretty important if you are willing to explain the main aspects of the web page to the users and visitors of it. Sometimes beginners do not really know what is the positive effect of the usage of these landing pages, however, they are quite important. You are not only giving people the description of the main features of the website but also show them the main functions and aims of your website, so, the visitor can be sure, that this site is what he needs or not. Anyway, if you want to increase the level of the users’ engagement, the creation of a well-developed landing page is vital. Besides, do not forget to make it beautiful and give your designer an absolute freedom of action, so the final product will be something special. Besides, the usage of a landing page has lots of other benefits. For instance, it allows people to feel more welcomed and comfortable within a cozy design of a landing page. Then, thanks to some interesting features it my encourage them to be more interested in other aspects of your offer and finally, show where it is possible to get help and find contact information. Believe me, the last point is really important, because while surfing a site you can not even find an email, where you can write and ask several questions, that is an example of terrible unprofessionalism. Even more, it looks ridiculous, when you find such a problem on popular sites, where everything is almost perfect.

Encourage the users

People are pretty lazy and they do not really want to do something with no motivation. The situation with the customers and their activeness within your website is all the same. So, one of the most important thing, that you have to do is to encourage the visitors to join the community of the website, buy products, which they really need and due to this, make the site more popular. There are various absolutely different ways of the encouragement of people. However, the majority of them are bordered only with your fantasy, so you can use absolutely any tools.However, there are also several pretty old reliable tricks, such as the usage of different special offers with sales or cashbacks., then, you may be able to organize various contests, where the users may be able to win different pretty nica and, what is important, useful presents. Thus, they may be able to tell their friends about a lovely present they got from the site owners. And, due to this, the possibility of the higher traffic increases rapidly.

build user engagement strategy

Follow the latests news, use SEO and storytelling

There are several pretty old fashioned but still reliable techniques, which may allow you to achieve a much higher level of the user's; engagement. They are:

  • The usage of the latest IT and UI technologies and trends;

  • The usage of SEO;

  • Implementation of storytelling.

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In case if we consider the usage of the latest trends we have to mention such things as the usage of animated images, choice between flat or material design and creation of the animated helpers, which will play the role of tutorials. In case if the very first several points are pretty common, the last one must be explained in a much more clear way. I think, that all of you remember those funny animated helpers from Microsoft Office 2003, such as the wizard or a paper clip. However, they were organized in not the best manner, while the whole concept is brilliant. So, who said, that you are not able to create something similar? But there should be several tips, that you have to follow:

  • The helper should be authentic;

  • The usage of it has to be simple;

  • The main aim  of it is to show people what they need, like Siri or Google voice helper.

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Besides, we also have to mention such things as storytelling and SEO. Why both of them are important? The answer is pretty simple the first point is vital due to the fact, that while making a user more familiar with the story of a website, its aims and key features, you become able to make the relations between the web resource and the user much warmer, while provoking more trust in his heart and thoughts.

The second point is not so romantic  and is focused predominantly on a technological site of your project. Despite of the fact, that SEO management may be one of the most complicated things, which you must use, while creating a site or an app, the main idea of this thing is as easy as a pie. It is focused on the location of the link to your website in the very beginning of the Google searching page after you enter a searching invoice. Thus, the user will see directly your own website in the very beginning and the possibility of his or her transfer to another one is pretty low.

Importance of the mobile browsing

The development of the sphere of the smartphones is one of those branches of business, that may have one of the most radical influences on various parts of our life. Web business is no exception. So, that is really easy to guess, that the usage of special mobile applications may be really efficient for the increasing level of the user engagement in the life of the website. For instance, people now tend to spend more time while using phones, not computers, so, thanks to such features as:

  • Responsive and interesting web design;

  • High level of the usage simplicity;

  • Good usability;

  • Great functionality.

You might be able to achieve pretty nice goals and skyrocket the level of the popularity of your resource. Of course in cse if other aspects were created on a good level.

Bottom Line

Taking everything into consideration, in the article we have shown you why is user engagement important. However, it is not the most important thing here. The most important thing here is the fact, that you have learned, that everything in the field of the development of a website or application is linked. So, it is impossible to forgive some defects and mistakes, which have been made just because the developers wanted to save some time and money. As you may see, all of these mistakes have a dramatic influence on the user engagement level within your application and the actual level of its popularity. I hope, that an article was pretty useful for you and may be able to answer some complicated questions, linked to the web designing issue.

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