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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Mobile Applications: What's Trendy in 2017?


Mobile Applications: What's Trendy in 2017?

Recent SurveyMonkey report says that the global revenue from mobile applications is expected to grow by a jaw-dropping 962.5% between 2011 and 2017. Just imagine the numbers – from $8 billion to $77 billion! So it is reasonably expected that developing mobile apps could be a $100 billion+ industry by the end of 2020. For now, iTunes and Google Play Store have nearly 4.3 million applications uploaded, and this statistics is growing at an exponential rate. On the other hand, today, satisfying the requirements of end-users has become more difficult, and getting their attention demands using latest development techniques and methodologies that are constantly evolving. So let's have a look at the most important app development trends that could be a clue to your success in 2017 – the features that allow no one to stay indifferent in their business. Check them and choose the appropriate ones.

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Enterprise applications pick up speed

Nowadays, every second, companies across the world use enterprise applications in its workflow. So, hybrid development technologies will make this trend stronger next year. It would be a priority for developers to use such tools like Angular JS, Ionic, Sencha Touch, PhoneGap and Cordova, especially if they work on agile hybrid app development projects. It has been noticed that the steadily increasing popularity of hybrid technologies refer to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practice on a global scale. That is why it has been forecast that demand for mobile enterprise apps will grow 5 times. Would this number be correct? We'll see at the end of 2017.

Meet the “cloudy” future

It has already been found that more than 75% of worldwide smartphone users prefer setting up applications that have reliable cloud support – its server-side backend support. The main reason every one of us wants this is because it's quite comfortable to access the app on multiple devices without loss of data. Cloud-based technologies make integration and multi-device app synchronization more seamless. Besides, cloud technologies help to shorten the overall app development cycle, boosting the average “time-to-market” span for developers.

Everyone could be a citizen developer

You might have already noticed that the total number of advanced mobile app developers doesn't match up with the overall demand for apps. All the necessary skills could be shortened with the do-it-yourself (DIY) mobile app development tools and techniques that are already popular with non-programmers. WYSIWYG designing becomes easier than ever. This means that an average Joe who knows not much about coding will be able to create a simple app with the essential features. If you are looking for real professionals to develop an additional tool for your business, watch out for citizen developers in 2017.

The value of Internet of Things is still growing

Profits from the IoT industry are already surging, so the analysts expect a two-fold increase over the next year. During that moment, mobile app developers will also be responsible for creating apps that take advantage of smart device sensors to securely send personal information over a network.

More and more security!

The number of security attacks is growing together with the mobile app industry evolution. So such feature like two-factor user authentication, which is already in use for mobile banking, is fairly common. The in-built security features in both Android and Apple phones will grow stronger. At the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), it was mentioned that it will be a must for all iOS applications to have the robust App Transport Security (ATS) feature by the 1st of January. App developers also will have to implement stronger data encryption in new apps. Android platform security will also meet some changes. Google is already keeping things tighter by using a much more granular app permissions model and automatic security updates on the new Android versions. So to conclude, I can add that app security is expected to be right at the center of attention for app makers.

GPS leading apps

Recent Pokemon Go boom has shown that adding augmented reality to your app wouldn't go amiss. Even today professional mobile app developers report that large amount of projects have navigation functionality. GPS navigation may be used in many industries like automation, retail, and, of course, IoT. Besides, 3D game developers seriously need this feature to enhance the engagement levels of their software.

Mobile messaging apps are gathering more popularity

Despite the wide choice of messaging apps available at both Apple App Store and Google PlayStore, smartphone users still engage in setting up new ones. To compare, Facebook Messenger is still one of the most popular applications in the US, and WeChat now has over 500 million users. So in 2017 we expect more chat apps with unique set of functionalities to be launched at the stores.

Using apps to facilitate mobile payments

Apple Pay and Google Wallet have already given a big boost to NFC-powered contactless payments by users. According to estimates, by the end of 2017 more custom software will enable retailers do mobile payments in a prompt and secure manner. So, it is expected that mobile transactions will make up nearly 50% of all web-based transactions.

The last few years have determined the necessity of using a mobile app in a large number of industries – agriculture, manufacturing, automobile, transportation, and healthcare. In conclusion, 2017 is going to be a great year for mobile developers – the ability to adapt, analyze and innovate is a must-have for up-to-date specialists. If you have an idea for an application that is going to be developed next year, so start right now to get the result. Any mobile application project needs time to develop to be worth its plan.

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