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Mobile App Development Trends in 2017

Recent report from SurveyMonkey says that the global revenue from mobile apps is expected to grow by a jaw-dropping 962.5% between 2011 and 2017 years. Just imagine the numbers – from $8 billion to $77 billion! That is why it is reasonably to expect that application development trends could become a $100 billion+ industry by the end of 2020.

For now, Google Play Store and iTunes have approximately 4.3 million applications uploaded in both of them, and this statistics is growing at an exponential rate. Except that, today to satisfy the requirements of end-users is becoming more and more difficult, and to get their attention demands using latest application development trends and methodologies that are constantly evolving. So let's look at the most important app development trends that could help you be up to date in 2017 – the features that allow no one to stay indifferent in their business. Check them and choose the appropriate ones.

1. First of the  trends in mobile apps - the ones for unmanned drones

Among mobile technology trends we can firstly highlight the ones for drones. Drones have recently entered our life, but they have already taken a firm place among business trends. Amazon Prime Air is working hard to launch their first delivery service with the help of drones, and the whole world is looking forward to the development of this technology.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, also excited people with its Wing Marketplace program to deliver parcels using drones. There are a huge number of areas of potential use of drones, including agriculture and health. Speaking of mobile applications, it should be noted that there are only a few applications created to manage exclusively drones, namely Parrot AR, while there is still a great need for such applications for a variety of areas.

Such applications should provide an opportunity to monitor, manage and analyze the activities carried out by drones. In 2017, the need for drones will increase, and with it the need for applications that can manage them. The industry for the production of drones is growing rapidly, so we recommend to go into it as soon as possible.

2. Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

On of the most popular mobile app trends is virtual or augmented reality, that takes its special place in the mobile gaming area. Think about the recent Pokémon go boom - this viral game has penetrated everywhere, but has also quickly come to naught.

Artificial intelligence, on the contrary, is slow, but surely gaining momentum in the mobile field. Companies like Google, Facebook and IBM are waiting with open arms of their chance to create a story. With the advent of artificial intelligence on the stage, algorithms become complex and competitive.

Mobile Apps Trend

3. Technologies on-cloud

As for cloud technologies trends in mobile apps, at the moment there is an increased interest in developing applications based on them. They are designed to access multiple portable devices to one account using an Internet connection.

Simply put, cloud applications run on virtual servers and store data in the cloud. They provide access to the same data to the user from different devices. This is extremely convenient for applications that work with complex graphics and have complex functions. On the developer side, only one version of the application requires development, which saves enough time for integration, testing, etc.

4. Enterprise Mobile Applications

The most surprising of mobile app trends is that Bring Your Own Device is changing. Finally, companies began to realize that their existing corporate software does not serve to increase productivity, especially the reduction of operating costs. Therefore, the demand for corporate mobile applications will grow. In mobile development, the focus is shifted to micro applications that allow employees to access a specific feature of an enterprise solution on a smartphone. Mobility isa key business initiative that helps business to be more flexible for both customers and employees.

5. One of the most important  application development trends is lightweight applications

Dozens of applications have been downloaded to our smartphones, and we want to expand their list. It's no wonder that the memory of the device quickly ends. The conclusion suggests itself - you need more space to load. We expect that applications with streaming data transfer and less demanding to power consumption will be even more in demand of mobile app trends 2017.

6. IoT

Internet of things, surrounding objects, which can be controlled at a distance through devices, becomes a new reality. The number of connected devices is projected to reach 50 billion units worldwide by 2020. The potential of IoT is enormous: medicine, transport systems, energy, security - can be continued indefinitely. It is important to understand that this is the very beginning of the development of technology. The security issue remains open: gigabytes of data require powerful security tools against hackers. Welcome to the future!

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popular Apps

7. Machine learning will be applied in business

Continuing speaking about applications trends, this year we witnessed the growth in the popularity of entertainment applications using neural networks: MSQRD, Prisma, Mlvch, Fabby, FindFace. Recently, Google released the experimental game Quick, Draw !, which demonstrated the capabilities of the neural network and fueled interest in using the technology. However, the potential of this sphere is much larger and more important than just fun applications for processing photos and video.

8. GPS leading apps

Mobile applications must be effective and understandable in use to so GPS navigation becomes one of the new mobile technology trends. Complex navigation leads to the fact that the user deletes the program. The complexity of navigation, as a rule, leads to a high degree of failure. Unfriendly navigation can lead to failure.

All these styles and features fit into the common space of mobile development and have their advantages for forming a better user experience. But mobile technologies, interacting with many other technologies and devices, are quickly moving forward. With the introduction of new approaches, the world becomes more compact.

9. Interactive push notifications

Push notifications are one of the most popular features in the application. We expect that they will be the main driving force that helps companies interact with the target audience. Through push, users learn about profitable offers, promotions and news, receive personal offers without opening the application. This saves battery life and time. In order for the interaction to be successful for both parties, notifications will become more individual and interactive.

10. The last of  applications trends is payment with mobile apps will be easier

Google Wallet and Apple Pay gave a good push in the development of mobile commerce. Have you tried calling the updated Uber? You do not even need to tie a bank card, it's already in the phone. According to forecasts of Bussines Insider, by 2020, sales through mobile payment systems will amount to 266 billion dollars. Very soon all advanced online stores will update their applications, adding the capabilities of Apple Pay and Google Wallet, which will lead to increased sales and a big rivalry for the name of top mobile app for 2017.

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The last few years have determined the necessity of using a mobile app in a large number of industries – agriculture, manufacturing, automobile, transportation, and healthcare. In conclusion, 2017 is going to be a great year for every mobile developer, because the ability to innovate, analyze and adapt is a must-have for modern specialists. Don’t forget to start as soon as possible and remember Artjoker will happily turn your ideas into excellent results!

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