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Top 10 Business Apps For Your Better Productivity


Top 10 Business Apps For Your Better Productivity

Most CEOs are poor people. To run their businesses they are pulled in several directions every day. Fortunately, there are hundreds of productivity apps that can help. Using top business apps for iPhone allows you to do everything, from keeping a to-do list to delegating task to your employers.

This article is about several types of business apps that may be useful to CEOs, department chiefs, and manager. The first ones are:

Small business apps for general productivity:

1 Evernote

With Evernote you can save pieces of information from the web in one place and tag them for next easy searching. Also, Evernote is useful for note-making and journaling, creating to-do lists, noting recipes and contacts, and even saving tweets or emails that'd be sent later. One of the greatest business apps for iPad, Evernote has 2 versions: the basic one is free-to-use, and the business one costs $12 per month and has several features such as administrator controls and unlimited space for uploads.

2 Wunderlist

This to-do list seems to be highly effective. You can create a lot of task lists and share them with your colleagues. These task lists will sync automatically after every change so that others won't miss any new details. Business version of Wunderlist allows breaking down of tasks into subtasks, delegating them to team members, adding notes, setting deadlines and even programming reminders. You can setup basic Wunderlist for free, while Business version costs $4.99 per month


3 Pocket

Ran across something interesting, but have no time to read it? Save videos to watch and articles to read in Pocket later. The application has a unique feature – you don't need an Internet connection to view what you have saved. Pocket is handy and free-to-use by anyone who has set it up.

Time tracking applications continue in our top business android apps:

4 RescueTime

If you know you waste too much time on Facebook while working, RescueTime will keep a strict hand over you. It breaks down where you spend your time by application and lets you set your productivity goals. If buying a premium version, RescueTime will block the sites that stop your working activity. The basic version is free, but setting up a premium one will cost you $9 per month. Install it if you have Android phone.

5 Eternity time log

If productivity extends beyond your work life, Eternity Time will show you what is going wrong. Essentially, your day is broken down into three activities: work, play and sleep. Further tracking of your time will be provided within these groups. You are able to run multiple timers at once. You can view the results through pie charts or reports, and then export it to any iOS device. Such program will cost you $4.99.

Free business apps for project management

6 Basecamp

The most well-known and the easiest-to-use project manager application will surprise you with its streamlined and intuitive interface. You can easily invite collaborators, chat within projects, create checklists, attach files and even track your progress. But instead of this, the application is not flexible for advanced reporting and budgeting, and it is hard to see all the information you need in one glance. Anyway, if your projects don't need strict managing, Basecamp is a perfect choice for you not to devote much time to learning a new system. Here, you pay per project, not per user. Minimal payment is $20 per month for 10 projects, and max is $150 for unlimited projects.

Our top 10 business apps for iPhone isn't possible without apps for business communication:

7 HipChat

The application has a short learning curve, and it is really cheap – basic service is free, and premium version costs just $2 for video and screen sharing. You can organize conversations by rooms, share drag-and-drop files and archive conversations, and emojis and GIFs will keep you in good mood.


8 Skype for Businesses

You sure use Skype for chatting and making free video calls online. Well, Skype for Business offers you meetings with up to 250 people, integration with Microsoft Office, faster file transfer, and more. For $5.50 a month you may do group HD video calls, record meetings and control other computer desktops remotely. Anyway, if you don't need all that, keep using Skype-to-Skype videos and voice calls up to 25 people for free.

The last of top business apps for android we are going to discuss today are business apps for customer relationship management:

9 Streak

If you use Gmail or Google Apps for your business, Streak is the application you need most. This is a little CRM that lets you organize customers by contact and keep track of your business relationships. The basic application service is free, but a premium version cost ranges from $19 to $119 a month per user.

10 Insightly

The application boasts a lot of project management features. For example, you can categorize contacts with tags, integrate social network profiles and manage leads. Insightly is a great tool for creating tasks for team members, tracking the status of these tasks and even creating email reminders to keep yourself or colleagues on time. There is a basic version, and a premium one that costs at least $12 a month per user.

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