How to Set up Your Own R&D Office in Ukraine?
In regard to opening a new R&D office abroad, enterprises face a lot of obstacles on the way to this goal, it is always a challenge. You need to investigate cultural peculiarities, understand national mentality, also you have to study labor law and financial structure of the country you are going to build an office in, you have to analyze its recruitment market and hiring people, renting an office, software and hardware maintenance, security measures, employment, onboarding. Let’s define what research and development is, its advantages, costs and part in business.
What Are R&D Services?
To win the competition and get profit, companies integrate R and D activities which are creation of a new product, technique, service, or improvement of the ongoing one. It is often risky because corporations are not sure of technological feasibility of the idea, or they simply don't know how to meet their goals in practice.
When preparing new offerings or refreshing the actual ones, research and development is the initial stage where experiments and innovations take place, its cycle commonly starts with notions and concepts, followed by study and investigation, later proceeding to design and development.
What is the role of R&D department in any company?
The R and D center role is significant when there is a necessity to elaborate and innovate products or refresh and optimize processes which are themselves the core functions defining the contribution of such a department.

R and D office is the tool to be on the table and grow continually within the market a corporation belongs to, which means to follow the emerging trends, and how the competition acts. This measure requires spending resources on research and testing when creating unique products or procedures and enhancing those that already exist.

Research and development studies and analyses the ongoing conditions within a certain domain or market. The Research & Development center shapes the prospect of a business providing important ideas and information that contribute to tactical decision-making.

Having R&D office means to invest in technology and forthcoming facilities, transforming them into new products, techniques, and services. In designing product lines or upgrading processes, the infusion of information brought by R and D can be hugely advantageous. Basically, it is an instrument, but it has the potential to be an incredibly powerful one.

Why is R&D so important?
For enterprises, R and D is crucial because it provides efficient learning and insights, thus leading to optimization of existing procedures where productivity can be enhanced and costs shortened. It additionally encourages corporations to create new products and services so that they can thrive and compete in the market.
In the long term, an organization that can upgrade and implement new technologies, enhance existing processes in all probability will be successful.
Let’s consider all the benefits of this function in a business context:
A company gets the opportunity to invent innovative products and services, upgrade the existing proposals and methodologies, positively affecting the wider economy.
Exclusive products and services owing to profitable R and D projects can bring economic advantage and draw potential investors to your sector.
Research and development funding implies expenses, but it can provide organizations with opportunity to pursue grants for public sector growth and research.
In order to minimize the corporation’s tax bill, there is an option to claim Research and development tax relief, or opt to obtain a tax credit rather than an amount of money.
You can win points over your rivals through R&D and become the market leader. Cutting-edge products and services can create new intellectual property, advancing your organization financially.
To achieve success, collaboration is also essential. Cooperate with other corporations, universities or colleges to provide access to equipment and resources, ensure skill and experience exchange.
R and D engagement will strengthen a company’s brand and credibility. Working with a trusted, reputable partner or a strong scientific institution will definitely bring commercial success of the resulting products and services.
What is research and development cost?
Research and development costs can be high. Fresh technologies and highly skilled specialists come with a price tag. Here the expenses are upfront without any ROI guarantees and it, of course, gives cause for concern, however, it plays an integral role and budgets should be allocated.

Artjoker helps foreign enterprises both to weight up the budget for opening research and development office in Ukraine and arrange other issues such as:
Find the corresponding office facility, create a plan to renovate, furnish and equip the premises.
Define a form of legal presence in the country and register it.
Select proper candidates to join the Ukrainian team and manage their jobs.
Deal with all related legal, tax and other issues.
Ensure office daily maintenance for you to be focused on your core business activities.
Some corporations experience major outgoings within this department, for instance, Apple and Samsung spend billions of dollars on research and development. In your enterprise, you need to calculate the overall expanses of the project against the R and D tax credit qualifying costs, then assess whether it is viable.