Kumo - fast online loans without need to visit bank
Create an understandable and convenient CRM system for granting loans online
Create a CRM system for accounting users, loans and repayment schedules, as well as implement a solution for calculating traffic sources
Implement the collection of information needed to make a decision on the issuance of loans
Integrate with scoring systems
Integrate with services of Ukrainian and international credit reference agencies
Introduce algorithms for calculating interest, penalties and interest
Develop a personal life cycle of the application in the system
Set up roles and permissions in the system for staff
Set up SMS and Email Newsletters
We developed a simple and understandable home page where you can choose the loan amount and its repayment term. Also, they showed the advantages of the customer's company and information on how to get and pay off the loan.
Questions and answers
We created a page where we placed frequent questions and answers to them
• They created a system that can process about 1000-2000 requests per day.
• Introduced individual interest and penalty modules, as well as a loan extension module
• Implemented a module for sending and receiving information from Ukrainian and international credit reference agencies.
• We developed an understandable CRM system where it is convenient to control all processes and watch analytics.
• We created a module for accounting users, loans, decisions on them and applications.
• Developed reports based on which we can make conclusions and financial planning.