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Responsive website design and development

Responsive website services have become more popular in the modern world of website development. It has a lot of advantages (simple promotion, support and analytics, increase in user loyalty and usability, conversion rates, affordable price, etc.). So to say, responsive web design services allow you to succeed and develop. It is cheaper and more beneficial than to develop a separate application, as it can be used across all the screens starting from the PC and ending with the cell phone, which is an ideal variant for those who want to run profitable online-businesses with lots of potential clients and permanent customers. View examples of responsive websites made by our company in the portfolio.

What is a responsive design website?

There are a lot of definitions found across the web, and some of them are quite difficult for a simple web user. So as not to bore you with some tricky and sophisticated words, here is a simple definition: making a responsive website is a modern trend that allows for displaying websites correctly across all types of devices.

How to design responsive websites

(taking into consideration different screen resolutions,
our specialists project a responsive
web design architecture for smart phones,
tablets, etc.)
(markup is an important stage;
we use technology, called “responsive markup,”
for achieving the most adequate displaying.
A lot of specialists and much effort
is needed to create and design
a responsive website)
(at this stage we implement
all the considered set of functions)
(checking of adequate display of
web pages across the browsers)

Why should I use Responsive Website Design?

  • 1Great quantity of devices

    Our company creates websites due to responsive design best practices because nowadays people use numerous devices for surfing the Internet, and we want our clients to be up-to-date, get more leads and gain much profit. That's why we advise them use nothing but this type of markup. The best responsive websites are the websites that attract a lot of leads and display correctly.

  • 2Popularity of mobile devices

    With the growing popularity of mobile devices, mobile traffic constantly increases, having a great impact on the conversion rates. Make your mobile audience feel comfortable while visiting your website using mobile devices.

  • 3Urgent information

    There are a lot of examples of good websites, but they are not responsive that considerably reduces chances of their owner to run a successful online-business. If a resource contains news, there is a high possibility that the user might want to read this information exactly using his device. Order the best responsive web design in New York, and give your potential clients a chance to get to know you and to buy your qualitative products or services.

  • 4Analytics

    Responsive design simplifies this process — a sole analytical report for different types of screens can be based on received data. Numerous examples of responsive web design show its efficiency for website owners. A lot of them have chosen it and won. It influenced conversion rates, sales growth and had a positive impact on your business profit and success.

  • 5Money-saving

    Development of the separate mobile application is not a cheap thing, as well as its promotion. We offer our clients the chance to kill two birds with one stone and to order beautiful responsive websites that are easy to promote and rather cheap to develop.

  • 6Content-saving

    With the responsive markup, all the function settings are saved, and content volume and the quantity of website pages aren't “cut” or reduced.

Best examples of responsive design websites

Why Artjoker is the best responsive web design and development company in New York

  • Hundreds of successful projects, grateful clients and many years of experience in the field of responsive design development
  • Our responsive web design and development company provides qualitative services to ensure the attraction of visitors and in consequence leads to a client's website. The success of our clients' websites is our personal success
  • We have a team of highly-qualified and experienced specialists designing for responsive websites (designers, markup specialists, etc.)
  • This is a good opportunity to save your money instead of wasting it on mobile applications. Responsive design allows for using it across all the screens with different resolutions (mobile phones, laptops, etc.)
  • Artjoker is a responsive website development company that will bring your ideas to life.

If you are a person who likes experiencing the services, and you don't trust somebody's feedback, feel free to contact us and we will answer all the questions you want. Check out our responsive web design samples to be assured that we are the best.

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Natalya Brinza

Project Manager