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Node.js development

Node.js is a framework that is becoming more and more popular each year. Artjoker can not resist and decided to tell you everything about custom Node.js development.

Node.js is a cross-platform environment for various server tools and applications development. This framework is based on Google's V8 JavaScript engine that interprets JavaScript into C-like machine code and turns it from highly specialized  to general-purpose language. Node.js is mainly used on a server acting as a Web server. It is also possible to develop on a Node.js desktop application window (using NW.js, AppJS Electron; or for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS), and to program the microcontroller (for example tessel and espruino).

Artjoker is a Node.js development company that mainly uses this framework to build servers.

Node.js web development

Node.js web development, like our programmers like to say, “is the basis of JavaScript development.” Every module is written in Native C.

We use Node.js frameworks such as Angular2 or React.js. Both of them are great for online services and web applications. Programmers can develop ascendable servers by using a new, simplified model of event driven programming that uses callbacks to signal the completion or failure of a task. Package manager or npm (node package manager) is used to control modules.

Thanks to Artjoker’s Node.js developers for hire, you can count not only on the elaborate architecture, but you can be sure that your source will not allow failure, especially in the period of popularity.

Node.js development environment - principal features

Node.js web application is similar to systems like Twisted (Python language) and Event Machine (Ruby language), but it has the following features:

  • AN asynchronous single-threaded model of query execution;
  • PROVIDES modules by nonblocking I / O;

Here is a detailed overview of those features:

The first and main feature of Node.js application development is the asynchronous single-threaded model of query execution (async programming does not necessarily mean multi-threaded). Asynchronous or reactive programming is a programming paradigm that focuses on data flows and propagation of change. A single-threaded model is responsible for finishing all tasks (they are interleaved with each other). It always allows synchronization for everything except the code.

Modules, provided by nonblocking input/output, execute commands in parallel and use callbacks. This means that Node.js allows JavaScript the ability to interact with the input-output devices through its API (written in C ++) and to connect with other external libraries written in different languages.

In Node.js, event loops are hidden from the user, like in the JavaScript browser.

CommonJS system is based on the required function. It is integrated in the Node and is used to load all of the built-in modules and libraries to the downloaded file that is part of your program.

Google's V8 JavaScript engine, as we already mentioned, interprets JavaScript into C-like machine code and turns it from highly specialized to general purpose language. V8 engine differs from other engines by high productivity and improved scalability.

Node.js application development
  • There are many Node.js-based frameworks that are used for app development. Let’s look at the list of best Node.js development environments that our Node.js product development team made:

    1 Express

    Express is a web application framework for Node.js. It is designed to create web applications and API (application programming interface). It is built on the connect base.

    Features provided for Node.js services include:

    a built-in powerful routing system;
    the support of a variety of template engines (like Jade), sessions, mine, ETag;
    the configuration support on the basis of environments;
    notifications that are integrated with sessions.

  • 2 KOA

    Koa is a next generation framework that is based on Express, but has great differences mainly in design. Koa is actually a replacement for Node.js, while Express expands it. In terms of the features of Koa, we can highlight the possibility of callbacks ditching and increasing error-handling.

  • 3 Sail.js

    Sail.js is a rails-like framework for Node.js. The main feature is the similarity with Ruby on Rails (by architecture and by ideology). Other features include:

    availability of REST API;
    classic MVC pattern;
    powerful ORM as a Waterline;
    support for popular databases.

  • 4 Node.js mobile development

    Meteor web framework is often used for mobile development. This works with Node.js but it does not follow the asynchronous model that is accepted in Node.js (which could hinder the integration of Node.js and the meteor application). There are almost no examples of mobile applications developed only by the use of the Node.js environment.

Artjoker provides Node.js development services that will help you turn ideas into excellent results!

Want to take your business to a new level?

Natalya Brinza

Project Manager