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ReactJs Development Services

React.js is one of the most popular libraries in the world. And Artjoker, as a react.js development company, is going to tell you everything about it before you hire ReactJs developers.

It was first created for Facebook development. Now Instagram, Khan Academy, Netflix,Yahoo, Airbnb, Sony, Atlassian and many other companies use React.js services. It is an open-source JavaScript library that creates user interfaces. It aims to solve the problem of partial update of web page content encountered in the development of single-page application. In the world of MVC (model-view-controller), react js development plays only the role of V (view).

Why we prefer react.js or features of react.js application development:
  • Virtual DOM

    React.js supports virtual DOM, and doesn’t rely only on the DOM browser. This allows the library to determine which parts of the DOM have changed compared with preserved version of the virtual DOM, and thus determine what the best way to update the DOM browser is. So, when a programmer works on the page he assumes that he has updated the page, but the library decides, by itself, which components on the page need to be updated.

  • One-way data flow

    This is one of the main features of custom ReactJs development. Properties are transferred to the renderer component as the properties of html tag. The component cannot directly change the properties that are transferred to it, but can change them through the callback function. This mechanism is called "properties flow down, actions flow up", and, sure, is well-know to ReactJs developers for hire.

  • Isomorphic code

    It is a code that can be executed on the client and on the server side. ReactJs development is not only used for rendering HTML in the browser. For example, Facebook has dynamic graphics that is rendered in the tag, and Netflix uses PayPal isomorphic download for identical rendering of HTML on the server and for a client.

  • JSX

    React.js components are usually written in JSX. JSX code compiles into calls of method by React library. Developers can just write in pure JavaScript. JSX is similar to a language created by the Facebook company to expand PHP - XHP.

React.js web development

React.js allows one to do simple page break-ins that can be reused in other parts of the site. In general, it means that the web application consists of individual independent components, which in turn consists of smaller components, and so on. The use of it is huge. Firstly, it has the capability to divide an application into separate modules in the long term. That is well reflected in the design and on the product as a whole. Secondly, while designing these break-ins, it allows for the consideration of the architecture of the application. So, it will be more resistant to business requirements changes. And thirdly, it helps with correctly dividing the work between developers so that the product development time is eventually reduced.

Artjoker is an experienced react.js development company

Artjoker provides React Js development services to help companies and startups tcreate their dream projects. In its 10 years of existence, we have always been looking for the best solutions for our clients’ businesses. One of these solutions is to use react.js for online services and Web applications development in half of our projects (in the other half we use angular,js). So, angular.js and react.js frameworks are the ones Artjoker developers work with.

React.js mobile development

In 2015, React native was released (created by Facebook developers). It transfers the React architecture to native iOS, Android and UWP applications.

This updated framework allows our react.js developers to build a real mobile application that is indistinguishable from an application created with Objective C, Java or Swift. React Native uses the same fundamental building blocks of the UI as the usual iOS and Android applications do. If there is a need to optimize some aspects of an app already written in Objective C/Java/Swift, then adding a native code would be really easy. It is also possible to write one part of your app using React Native, and the other part using just native code; that is how Facebook app works.

So, we’ve told you a lot about react.js mobile development and it’s up to you now to choose our team, plus best react.js development environment and get fast, smart and high quality service, or loose your chance of having excellent results!

Want to take your business to a new level?

Natalya Brinza

Project Manager